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Prophetic Third Day (Seventh Day) Is NOT a millennium

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many carnal (childish, unlearned) christians talk about reigning 1,000 yrs (a millennium) with their version of Christ (the Christ of Christ Jesus instead of the Christ of Jesus Christ; one being mirrorly the reverse of the other one). They base such on one verse, or at best a couple verses in the Bible... primarily on Revelation 20 which talks about Satan being bound for 1,000 yrs and let loose again after.

Such carnal unlearned christian "children" (who are unaware of "put away childish things" in 1Cor 13 and "be no more children" in Eph 4) by and large seem to be unaware of Paul's exhortation such things are an "allegory" and "converted" Peter's exhortation (which makes favorable mention of "all" Paul's exhortations) not to be ignorant 1,000 yrs is (allegorically) "as" one day (in such things are an "allegory")... and perhaps the 1,000 yrs of Rev 20 the one day in Acts 12 where Peter (only man called "Satan" in Bible: Mt 16:23) is jailed and chained (as in Rev 20) for one day: Easter... and let loose again for a season... to deceive the world.

Looking into "third day" scriptures we find it is similar to "seventh day" scriptures in that cleansing takes place, the sort which brings forth blessing only, sanctification, and perfection. Looking at mention of the "third day" in John 2:1 we find it's also the seventh when counting the days in Jn 1 & 2. Looking at the seventh day in Gen 2 we find no mention of evening and morning, as with other six days of Gen 1.

So it reasons (come now, let us reason together) the prophetic third day is NOT another millennium nor the 1,000 yrs many think Satan will be bound. Rather the seventh day is an eternal day, of an eternal God, which begins with God ended blessed and sanctified, and ends with God rested. Such is the day beyond 2,000 AD, which evolves into an eternal day (singular) after a shewdown of twain sabbaths (days) where the pendulum swings from best to worst of times. Even the weather and the full moons will pendulum swing from a black sabbath to the Sabbath, and moods will swing from hopelessness to hopefulness.

So let us realize "the end" is nigh, evident from the evidence of two global graphs both going into sprint mode in 1967 (see Graphs):

But it's not a day (Sabbath) of God that ends badly for anyone. Rather it's an all is well that ends well day of God (that God: the only wise God, the only true God, the only Potentate, the God of all: grace), and it ends well for you all (which begins with you) when (when no law, sin not imputed: Rom 5:13) and where (where no law, there no transgression: Rom 4:15) "his angel" (Paul) plays the last trump it:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.