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Prophetic Third Day (Seventh Day) Is NOT a millennium

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many carnal (childish, unlearned) christians talk about reigning 1,000 yrs (a millennium) with their version of Christ (the Christ of Christ Jesus instead of the Christ of Jesus Christ; one being mirrorly the reverse of the other one). They base such on one verse, or at best a couple verses in the Bible... primarily on Revelation 20 which talks about Satan being bound for 1,000 yrs and let loose again after.

Such carnal unlearned christian "children" (who are unaware of "put away childish things" in 1Cor 13 and "be no more children" in Eph 4) by and large seem to be unaware of Paul's exhortation such things are an "allegory" and "converted" Peter's exhortation (which makes favorable mention of "all" Paul's exhortations) not to be ignorant 1,000 yrs is (allegorically) "as" one day (in such things are an "allegory")... and perhaps the 1,000 yrs of Rev 20 the one day in Acts 12 where Peter (only man called "Satan" in Bible: Mt 16:23) is jailed and chained (as in Rev 20) for one day: Easter... and let loose again for a season... to deceive the world.

Looking into "third day" scriptures we find it is similar to "seventh day" scriptures in that cleansing takes place, the sort which brings forth blessing only, sanctification, and perfection. Looking at mention of the "third day" in John 2:1 we find it's also the seventh when counting the days in Jn 1 & 2. Looking at the seventh day in Gen 2 we find no mention of evening and morning, as with other six days of Gen 1.

So it reasons (come now, let us reason together) the prophetic third day is NOT another millennium nor the 1,000 yrs many think Satan will be bound. Rather the seventh day is an eternal day, of an eternal God, which begins with God ended blessed and sanctified, and ends with God rested. Such is the day beyond 2,000 AD, which evolves into an eternal day (singular) after a shewdown of twain sabbaths (days) where the pendulum swings from best to worst of times. Even the weather and the full moons will pendulum swing from a black sabbath to the Sabbath, and moods will swing from hopelessness to hopefulness.

So let us realize "the end" is nigh, evident from the evidence of two global graphs both going into sprint mode in 1967 (see Graphs):

But it's not a day (Sabbath) of God that ends badly for anyone. Rather it's an all is well that ends well day of God (that God: the only wise God, the only true God, the only Potentate, the God of all: grace), and it ends well for you all (which begins with you) when (when no law, sin not imputed: Rom 5:13) and where (where no law, there no transgression: Rom 4:15) "his angel" (Paul) plays the last trump it:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Prophetic Third Day (Seventh Day) Is NOT a millennium

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

Pope John-Paul II (what a combo, eh, John-Paul) was quoted on his 8th globe-trooting journey in 1999 saying: "the long tradition of sacrifice must continue in the third millennium".

Bible says he's wrong on both counts:

1) the l-o-n-g (and what the Lord is l-o-n-g-suffering in 2Pet 3 and miss charity suffereth l-o-n-g in 1Cor 13) tradition of "sacrifice" should NOT continue, especially not in the prophetic third day, which is also the seventh, the Sabbath, the day of God... the day God is allegorically perfected (grace'd void of law, mercy'd void of sacrifice)... as per the immutable will of God noted in Ps 40:6; Hos 6:6; Mt 9:13; Heb 10; etc:

"I will have mercy, and not sacrifice"

2) the third day is NOT a millennium (1,000 yrs), for converted Peter tells us the 1,000 yrs of Rev 20 is as one day, and not as the day of God, but rather the one day he spent in jail (Easter) in Acts 12.

BTW, George Bush II is also quoted (post 9/11) as saying: "there will be sacrifice". What an ENORMOUS mistake this was, according to the latest evidence.

I'm not saying either one of such are any more anti-Christ than anyone, for there is no respect of persons with God, and a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. I'm just saying they are mistaken; for as Heb 10 reveals, sacrifice (law) does NOT purge sin, rather sacrifice "which is of the law" imputes sin, and sin imputed (to all) brings death (upon all). Law, which imputes sin (Rom 5;13), is also the strength of sin (1Cor 15:56), and when sin finished (tormenting you with guilt, since law also a ministration of condemnation: 2Cor 3) it brings forth death (1Cor 15:56; Jam 1:15), since law also a minstration of death: 1Cor 15; 2Cor 3; Jam 1.

Your insights on such things?

TgooLJCwya. Amen.
Daniel Miles

Re: Prophetic Third Day (Seventh Day) Is NOT a millennium

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kinda like Columbo, who finds a mystery irresistible, always thinks of one more thing to say...

Looking into the conversion of Peter (only man called Satan in Bible: Mt 16:23 for savoring the things of men: plural of man), and in accordance with "when (not if) thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren": Lk 22:32, it becomes notable Peter got converted l-o-n-g after Paul both stayed with Peter for fifteen days at Jerusalem, and such is notably three years after Paul's own converson: Gal 1:18, and then later withstood Peter to the face at Antioch: Gal 2:11 (where disciples were first called Christians: Acts 11:26).

Peter's 'conversion' likely took place when he was the first Pope, his popish name being "Cephas" since he broke jail in Acts 12, went underground (as a fugitive of the Roman Empire), and later surfaced in Italy, still in the Roman Empire (as a fugitive thereof), but undercover as a Roman Catholic (since riotous Jews were exiled from Italy about this time); and yet still able to stir things up in Jerusalem (resulting in 70AD fall of Jerusalem, millions killed) via his bishop John, who kept going back, turning back, looking back, to what was behind him (LOUD voice of law, "as" a trumpet, in Revelation, but thank God not the last trump it played by Paul).

As Paul mentions, "Cephas" was among those receiving an appearance from the resurrected Christ: the end of the law. Yet there is also evidence popish Cephas and his bishop over Asia (also first known as Galatia before expanding to Asia): John (who later lived and eventually died in Ephesus) were as a thorn in the flesh to Paul: Satan's (Peter's) messenger (John) buffeting Paul by beguiling the seven churches (with law) Paul and seven others (mentioned in Acts 20) established in grace.

And it's notable all seven of the churches of Galatia (Asia in Revelation) got bewitched by the leaders (angels) thereof being seduced, especially Gaius (corrupted with flattery corrupts by John) and Timothy, who got sorely depressed about it, since he was kinda like Paul's bishop over the said churches. Yet we know that Timothy did study to shew himself approved unto God, did recover himself, and is set at liberty, for it says so, to the Hebrews: Heb 13.

So, based on all the evidence, we may deduce Peter got converted by reading "all" of Paul's espistles, including Hebrews and Revelation, which Peter makes both favorable and allegorical mention of in his second general espisle (to strengthen his brethren).

Point being, Peter read Revelation before he wrote his second espistle, noting therein a thousand years is "as" (as if) one day (allegorically): 2Pet 3:8. And so it reasons, allegorically, the thousand years mentioned in Rev 20 is "as" the day (Easter) Peter spent in jail in Acts 12, was let loose, and went out to deceive the world for a season (of law, after law had expired and been nailed to the cross as enmity).

Such a season (propbably akin to fall, then winter), even though Peter(Satan, Cephas) got converted and strengthened his brethren (in accordance with when thou art converted, then strengthen thy bretrhen) by writing two epistles... such a season of deception, seduction, beguiling, bewitching, etc, seems to have lasted two millennium ("after two days": Hosea 6:2), after which God raises up us, of them/us, to also tell that, of this/that, throughout the whole world.

For it is written: wheresoever this gospel (of this/that gospels) is preached throughout the whole world, also that shall be told. And it is written that after two days, God will raise us up, to do just that (of this/that). And it is now the prophetic third day (seventh day) now, beyond 2000.

So, as God said in the beginning (declaring the end from the beginning: Is 46:10): let "us" make "man", one "man" kind (of child/man kinds) "made" by "us" raised up in the third day to do just that of this/that; the third day (seventh day) being "the day of God" (2Pet 3), and the day JC said God said "I shall be perfected"; Perfection thereof being as the best of good better best, the greatest of great greater greatest, the "third" of three things, kinda like charity is the "greatest" of faith hope charity (1Cor 13;13). Selah.

TgooLJCwya. Amen.
Daniel Miles

Re: Prophetic Third Day (Seventh Day) Is NOT a millennium

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

Sadly many parents, teachers, and preachers occupied in train up a child "the way" a child should "go" (Proverbs 22:6) are themselves childish adults, adult hypocrites who "oppose themselves" with oxymorons and feud amongst themselves as them vs them; When the Lord is longsuffering to "us-ward" (not them-ward).

The way a child should go is neither the broad way nor the narrow way of two ways, but the "more excellent way" of three ways called the "new and living way"; Yet albeit such is of the narrow way which (only) "leadeth" unto life, just as we (us) are "of them" who believe to the saving of the soul, of two thems and one us:

1. Them: who draw back to perdition
2. Them: who believe to the saving of the soul
3. Us: neither of them, but of them who believe

Sadly many of "them" of the second sort of two thems still look for a Son of Man to return with vengeful wrath upon others (whom they hope to rule and reign with a 1,000 yrs); Not knowing (forgive "them", for they "know not" what they do) that the "Son of Man" they look for (which is not the "Son of God") has but one thing in store for "them all" (goats and sheep of such diviion all left/right sides): "destruction" via "law worketh wrath": Rom 4:15. Such is clarified for "them all" in Lk 17: 27-30, and in 1Thes 5:3; Whereas God hath not appointed "us" unto wrath is noted in 1Thes 5:9, to denote their "law worketh wrath", and such "no escape" destruction, is both "of them" who say Peace and safety (Grace and law; safety in law worketh wrath) and backfires on "them"... a good reason to convert to "us".

Sadly many of them folk pride themselves on being "children" of God, which is albeit the better sort of two sorts of children mentioned in Mt 13 and Rom 9; But does not give more earnest heed to the higher exhortation to "be no more children" in Eph 4 (neither sort in Mt 13 and Rom 9). Rather Paul exhorts "put away childish things": laws, to be man kind of child/man in 1Cor 13:11. And such speaks of the third thing of three things:

1. Children of flesh (children of the wicked)
2. Children of God (children of the kingdom)
3. Put away childish things: be no more children

Sadly many adults are still being childish, by refusing to put away their law law, witch is like a law <=> law merry go round going both ways tossing even "children" of God to and fro. And such not only tosses children to and fro, but such a law <=> law childish merry go round goes both ways of broad and narrow ways; For such law => law going this way makes one prosleyte: twofold: more the "child" of hell, also produces all manner of (evil) "concupiscence" via "another law" of two laws in Rom 7 & 8.

And law <= law gets to be a latter end worse (Mt 12:45; 2Pet 2:20) instead of latter end better, when the 2nd of two laws gives place to the 1st, as in Revelation 13's allegoric mention of two laws being as two beasts uprising from sea and land(earth). So the second law of Rom 8:2 no more voids the first law of such law law than a law of aerodynamics voids the law of gravity; not for long. It may temporarily over-ride it, but not for long. And when the first law kicks in again, by having been given place by the second law, ya come crashing down to earth as if cast down by the tail of a dragon.

So also the second and better sort of two servants are exhorted "thou art no more servant, but a son"; For Christ: the end of the law, is also notably the end of the law "for righteousness" of such childish lefteousness and righteousness, where many only want to be right to make others wrong, accusing others and excusing themselves. Such who "oppose themselves" with law law are exhorted to "recover themsleves" with grace, instead of covering up their law imputed sin (death thereof) with more law of such law law. Sacrifice is "of the law", which never pleased God.

1. Servants: of sin (Rom 6)
2. Servants: of righteousness (Rom 6)
3. Thou art no more servant, but a son: Gal 4

The moral of such things are an allegory, is train up a child in "the way" a child should "go". And the way a child (including childish adults) should "go" is: "go" learn what meaneth "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice", also "go" on unto perfection, which is all mercy and no sacrifice at all, via all grace and no law at all, which is then all peace and no division (war) at all. Such is "the way" a child should "go", which is not the broad way which leads to destruction, nor even the narrow way which only "leadeth" unto life; but the "more excellent" way called "charity" never faileth because it's "greatest" of three things, which is not just new of old/new, but "the new and living way":

1. Broad Way: Old (leave old law worketh wrath)
2. Narrow Way: New: leadeth unto life, by go on
3. A More Excellent Way: New and "Living" Way

In the third day he will raise "us" up, and we shall "live" in his sight. So perhaps the third day also speaks of the third way, of three ways, only the third of such being the living way, for the second of such only "leadeth" unto life, and such life can also be temporal life such as life + death = a dead end. Whereas the eternal sort of life has no dead end, and because it has no law of grace + law = life + death.

The "grace" of our Lord "Jesus Christ" with you all. Amen.