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Re: Is Logic a Law ?

Quote: Daniel Miles

Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

NO. Your 'continuum' of Q is imagined, by TV;
due to still being image, of image/likeness.
Image is before, of before/after in Gen 1:26.

Grace does not 'forbid' (law),
Nor even 'imagine' any vain (f-lawed) things;
Unless it's f-lawed grace (both good + evil), like
Noah found in (plural) eyes of the LORD (Adam1).

If it not forbids someone will craete law. That in my opinion is main problem of redemption. There many aproches to freedom in world of powerful beings, but for me law in Genesis is quite resonable
to start. This in fact is law which encaplsulates entropy only in this law. If obeyed there is no death (entropy)
I'm software devloper and program in fact is some kind of artificial law. And I can susppect that any law will create entropy. Death is not punishment - it consequence of law - lack of freedom - you can choose or forced not to obey law and there are consequences there, so Elohim law was smallest possible -to forbid one choosing dimmension from Universe, becouse not every rule is law, only if it produces evil.
Too much hot is not bad alone it is bad becouse there are BAD CONSEQUENCES of physics law there.
Quote: Daniel Miles

Remember, it's a "mystery" to solve, in time,
(by seek and find grace "in time" to "help")
and "allegory", so then 'allegoric mystery'.

Every good mystery has twists, till very end.
Only the end is all truth, and no lie at all,
and by be-ing all grace, and no law at all,
is as if all light, and no darkness at all.
No even-ing and mourn-ing on "seventh day".

I agree that solution need to be done in time , continuum can be later then. Recently I study "son of man" which does seems in many ways not to be Jesus. Is it man son which means among other things that he lives in time.
What is solution of this mistery ? I have no idea. In thereo if someone already knew it (.eg. JEsus or Paul) the knowledge should work. But maybe the problem is that there is need to fulfill the law. Everyone must know that consequence of THEIR law is DEATH to THEMSELF. Law one be whatever even someone can create law that there is no law (but is is contradicting to itself).
Maybe every law contradics of it self. This is what I started in my first post.
I suspect that logic as thinking process is law and what more it can contradict itself, becouse it requires to be true without the proof what TRUTH IS, that mena that TRUTH IS TRUTH. This seems to be obvious, but logic forbids to prove anything by itself.
Quote: Daniel Miles

If we don't put away plural God & Son on high,
choice becomes Death1 or Death2 in Revelation.
What then? Resurrection1 or Resurrection2. But
even the better of two resurrections is like
reset, play again, till you "win" human race.
1st finished = "win". 2nd finished = "place";
And give "place" to the devil (law) = "death".
Death is what God of the living will not have.

Quote: Daniel Miles

So then, to "lay hold on eternal life",
we leave the dichotomy of life and death,
which is to say leave such grace and law.
That is why the end has no mention of law.

I would agree, but the problem is how to formulate Grace to be not law.

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