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Re: Is Logic a Law ?


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

NO. Your 'continuum' of Q is imagined, by TV;
due to still being image, of image/likeness.
Image is before, of before/after in Gen 1:26.

Grace does not 'forbid' (law),
Nor even 'imagine' any vain (f-lawed) things;
Unless it's f-lawed grace (both good + evil), like
Noah found in (plural) eyes of the LORD (Adam1).

Adam1/Adam2: 1Cor 15:45 = soul/spirit: Heb 4:12:
Adam1 = a living "soul", not quickening "spirit".
The word of God divides asunder soul <--> spirit,
to get us from soul-ish part, to spirit-ual part.
But spirit-ual still has this to deal with:
"comparing spiritual things with spiritual",
is allegorically comparing laws with grace,
since law can be both natural and spiritual,
but also natural disaster when it's natural,
and spiritual wickedness when it's spiritual.
End Aside.

Noah's soul-ish dichotomy: both clean + unclean,
God + LORD, Grace + Law, is vain as Life + Death.
It saves eight souls and destroys them afterward.
So Noah got inducted to a hall of shame, not fame.
Moral of Deluge allegory is: God is not the LORD;
which is to say good only isn't both good + evil.

So then, leave the soul-ish dichotomy of Adam1,
to go on to the spirit-ual dichotomy of Adam2;
But then also realize it's still of plural God,
Who both "spake" unto them vs "spoke" unto us,
in both "time past" (BC) vs "last days" (AD),
by "prophets" vs by "Son" = better: Hebrews 1.

Eg: love neighbour + hate enenmy vs love enemies.
Love enemies is "better", but still has "enemies".
So plural God both peril them + peril us: 2Tim3:1.
In plural mode "we stand in jeopardy every hour",
even if we not "under" law, but "under" grace,
for both such under(s) have an "under"-taker,
due to still giving "place" to "enmity" (law).

Remember, it's a "mystery" to solve, in time,
(by seek and find grace "in time" to "help")
and "allegory", so then 'allegoric mystery'.

Every good mystery has twists, till very end.
Only the end is all truth, and no lie at all,
and by be-ing all grace, and no law at all,
is as if all light, and no darkness at all.
No even-ing and mourn-ing on "seventh day".

So, Better of twain isn't yet Best nor yet Rest,
until we also put away dichotomy of plural God.
Plural God on "high" is not "higher" God is one.
For potential harmageddon is not yet "harmless".
So a more excellent way isn't broad nor narrow.

If we don't put away plural God & Son on high,
choice becomes Death1 or Death2 in Revelation.
What then? Resurrection1 or Resurrection2. But
even the better of two resurrections is like
reset, play again, till you "win" human race.
1st finished = "win". 2nd finished = "place";
And give "place" to the devil (law) = "death".
Death is what God of the living will not have.

God of the living is not God of the dead.
If there be any dead, it's "greatly err".
Eg: Mt 22:29-32; Mk 12:24-27; Lk 20:34-38.
Err = reset, play again, until none perish.
"Us-ward" is not just right of left/right,
but above of under/above, so none perish.

Grace is not Law. Mercy is not Sacrifice.
Peace is not Confusion. One is not plural.

"Eternal Life" is not both Life and Death.
Rather eternal life is life void of death.

So then, to "lay hold on eternal life",
we leave the dichotomy of life and death,
which is to say leave such grace and law.
That is why the end has no mention of law.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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