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Re: Is Logic a Law ?


Grace unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Higher Grace does not 'forbid' (law); Nor is it 'against' anyone or 'against' anything. Higher 'harmless' Grace simply awares about the dichotomy of peril them (Jude 1:5) and peril us (2Timothy 3:1) if still 'double minded': them/us minded, which James 1:8 notes is 'unstable' both 'ways' when still having plural ways, by having a plural and contrary God on high; Who does provide some 'better' thing for us, than for them. Eg: 'love your enemies' is 'better' than 'hate thine enemy', which both come from the same time past/last days God on 'high'.

Butt even 'love your enemies' still has 'enemies', and thereby still 'stands in jeopardy every hour'; So what's best of good, better, best, is to have no enemies to hate or to love. Such requires putting away plural God on high for the higher God is one, has only friends, no enemies at all.

Eg: 'That God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all' is like allegory saying that Grace is pure grace having no law at all, or like saying that Religion is pure religion having no vanity nor vexation at all, or like saying that Peace has no confusion at all. All friends has no enemies. All grace has no enmity. Oneness is not plural. Plural God is both peril them and peril us: 2Timothy 3:1, whether we are in time past or in last days. Oneness is not last 'days', but last 'day'.

As for Matthew 5:17b, the allegory of such is:
I am (grace) not come to destroy (law),
but to fulfill (to grace and truth).

For only when we know the truth,
came along with grace (John 1:17),
are we made free of believe lies (laws).

And the allegory of Matthew 5:18 is:
Till heaven and earth (doubleminded grace and law) pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law (is both good and evil, life and death). As long as we have both heaven and earth, even a new heaven and earth, we'll have above and under, grace and law, which is life and death, which ends earthy, not heavenly. Hence Colossians 3 says if risen with Christ, who sitteth above, then think only of heavenly things above, not things on the earth.

So until we put away the duality, doublemindedness, plurality of heaven and earth, above and under, it will be like having grace and law, is like having life and death, ends badly: death; Even if be choosing the better of two 'death's in Revelation, by having the better two 'resurrections' from 'graves' in John 5:29, by still having two 'finished's in "Verily, verily" John: John 17:4 and John 19:30. For law imputed sin, when "it is finished", brings death (not eternal life): James 1:15.

Death requires resurrection, which is like reset, play again till you "win" the human "race". For better is not yet best, nor yet true rest.

John 17:4, 1st "finished" the race = "win".
"It is finished", 2nd "finished" = "place". So
Eph 4:27 says neither give "place" to the devil
(allegory: neither give place to the sacrifice),
it later gathers ppl to this "place": Armageddon.

I hope that made some sense to you, of ye/you. For even when you, of ye/you, you can still fall from grace, as noted in Galatians 5:4; Until you get above and beyond both double minded dichotomies of left/right and under/above.

True oneness has neither a left/right dichotomy nor an under/above dichotomy. In that oneness, of that God, higher than the heavens, there is only light, no darkness at all, only grace, no law at all, only mercy, no sacrifice at all, only peace, no confusion at all, only life, no death at all; only eternity, no beginning and end. Such is true rest of the seventh day, has no even-ing and mourn-ing.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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