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Re: Just saying hello from the Shulamite Bride Returned.

Paula Mary,

Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting and sharing ... BUT

Plural 'blessings' in plural 'Psalms' having mention of plural Gods (My God, my God) followed by "forsaken" (Ps 22:1 ... Mt 27:46) is so yesterday, when it is past: what "was, and is not" (Rev), especially when moving on to oneness of "God is one", yet not a better one of twain (since better is neither yet best, nor yet true rest), but rather one "above" twain, like Christ (sitteth "above") is neither Adam1 nor Adam2 since "as in Adam all die". So if risen with Christ, think only of things above, not of things on earth: Colossians 3:1-15. For heaven + earth (grace + law) duality will keep you as groundead as David, is dead and buried: Acts 2:29.

"Above" is neither "under the law" nor "under grace", but "with grace" (Heb 13:9), since there is no profit to either side of them vs them: under law vs under grace: children vs children: servants vs servants. Rather "with grace" only singular "blessedness of man", only grace, no law sin imputed at all, nothing to punish or forgive, no cover up to uncover in Rev. So Romans 4, which talks of the blessedness of man, also notes where no law, there no transgression (to be numbered in, like Jesus got numbered with the transgressors... obviously a Romans 2 Oops on his part, since inDIGnation is a consequence of being contentious: dig up dirt on others dirts you too). Not to mention there is no part-ility with God. So when perfection comes, then part-iality is done away, as when man-kind, then child-ish is put away.

Point: when grace-full, mercy-full, peace-full as Christ, then law (Jesus, son of David) is put away, done away, and to the point of blotted out: was and is not. It was a beast thou sawest, when childish.

Born again is "not of corruptible seed" (law),
(not of Jesus: son of David, son of Abraham)

but of incorruptible (grace); And it's to "see" the kingdom of God isn't a kingdom of leaven, which is law hypocrisy, which only occurs in Moses' seat. See the KofG is also not (yet) enter the KofG. Enter is higher than see; so Christ went higher: Heb 7:26.

plural is not one
high is not higher
born is not born again
formed is not reformation
damnation is not salvation
harmageddon is not harmless
corruptible is not incorruptible

Psalms is included in mention of "the law and the prophets" in Luke 16:16, which notes such double minded plurality [was] "until John" (the Baptist), but since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every "man" (not child) presseth into it. For God said let us make "man" (not child), and his Christ is the head of every "man" (not child). Therefore let us now speak only of man, and the blessedness of man, is grace void of law, as perfection void of f-law, and by "Christ is the end of the law". For where no law there no transgression, and when no law then no sin imputed, no war nor battle to fight, only peace; No enemies to hate nor love, only friends kNOW: John 15:15.

Christ is our peace (not war), so your mention of 'warrior poets' is so unlike Christ, so child-ish, so yesterday, when it (law) is past: was, and is not.

This sort of Davidic harp-ing (Ps ... Rev) by you, this sort of plural men-tality, is neither oneness nor harmless, but double minded = unstable: James 1:8, or as Paul put it: highminded = what not to be:

If you would "strengthen" brethren, then be 'epistrepho' converted (Mt 13:15), not 'strepho' converted (Mt 18:3); For Peter (called Satan when strepho, as if being more the child of hell) was prayed for to be 'epistrepho' converted so he would then strengthen (not weaken) brethren: Luke 22:32. Notice narrow minded Jesus narrowed many groupies down to twelve, but one of such was a devil, and it wasn't Judas he called Satan, but Peter, who also made the new twelve a dirty dozen, a hung jury.

Zion is not Sion, and even Sion (heavenly Jerusalem) still has a f-law, a mediator. For a mediator is not of one, but God is one: Galatians 3:20 (written to bewitched). Not to mention in the second and better covenant of plural God (Hebrews 8) there's still plural houses: Israel vs Judah, and the house of Israel gets f-lawed again, due to having plural hearts. Our Lord sprang out of Juda, which has "nothing" to do with priesthood: Hebrews 7:14.

So let's pay attention to what's been said, in order to escape (wrath to come), by give more earnest heed to the clues given us to solve the mystery, which has lots of twists, till the end, which is only the end of law, not of grace. For only what began can end. Law began, twice. Eternal Grace has no beginning nor end, neither a beginning of days nor end of life. So when the biblical shew (comparative teaching) is ended properly, as written in Rev 22:21, then it never happened nor ever will happen when awareness (grace and truth) replaces ignorance (law and lie).

I hope this forum chat has helped to replace some of your ignorance with awareness, so that you will stop your Davidic harp-ing about warriors, battle, etc. Seek Peace = above, not a Victory in a sides war; For all sides wars have side effects to both sides of war, and the most common side effect of war is a grave, a subject to a-void by laying hold on eternal life, which is not life after death, but life void of death. Selah.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.