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All or nothing, or nothing at all..

I was thinking about existence. Something coming out of nothing. Carnal coming out spiritual, perhaps. To even distinguish us and them, we have to divide. But how can you divide all, or rather nothing? If God is Spirit, which is immaterial, or 'nothing', how can you take away ,divide, multiply, subtract from 'zero'- not possible (but maybe with God all things are possilbe, or as the older English translations put it, 'unimpossible')My mother has told me at times that I'm a 'all or nothing' type personality. Which got me interested in the subject of universalism and the scope of Christ's atonement, and for who(m) it was for.. if all were(are) in Adam, then were all dead..so it's all or nothing. Jesus calls those who lie, children of the devil, Satan, the father of all lies. His power or joy, is to go about deceiving, because if we are sons of God, we are already more powerful than him. But really, Satan is God's devil..I kill and I make alive, I the Lord do all these things..which is the Law. But I don't really think that the OT and NT is a division at all..because how can He who is all Grace or Peace do evil? It only appears evil to us who live in time and do not see the end of the show (shew) ..but i think 'show' is the better translation as done by the newer KJV Paragraph Bible edited by Norton, because in the end of the story, it was God all along who did all, because He is all and our life is hid with Christ in God..and once the story is understood, all the divisions, confusions disapper...like at the end of a good(ha) murder mystery. I have tried to find satisfaction in this life, so I realized that nothing satisfied me-and that Nothing, the one whom cannot be divided, multiplied, subtracted, etc.. has become Everything to me.

Sorry for my ramblings, it's all just too wonderful for me, like Psalmist said in joy or Job in misery. I enjoy reading the Eastern Fathers because of their 'fascination' with Reconcilation of all- even ol' Satan himself. All has become my favourite word in the Scripture.

Anyway, Have a good day all :)

Re: All or nothing, or nothing at all..

(another name for Jesus)

Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus-->Christ.

Thank you for visiting and sharing... BUT

There is no 'or' in God is one, above;
(that God is light having no darkness)
only all 'or' nothing in duality mode.
Duality mode is under law -or- under grace.
It's double minded = "unstable" both ways.
Both sides have this in common: "under"-taker.

So, "with grace": above is neither of under x2.
With Christ, it's neither of Adam1 -or- Adam2,
b/c as in Adam all die isn't eternal salvation.

So God will have "all" men saved + awared,
to a-void such all -or- nothing men-tality,
like the justified -or- condemned of Jesus.
For a mediator is not of one, but God is one.

So in Jesus mode, it's still either or: twain;
(like five either ors of Jesus in Mt 12:30-37)
but in Christ mode, it's one only, above twain.
Right of left/right isn't above of under/above.
Godly dividing, rightly dividing, is in Gen 1:7.
Jesus dividing, wrongly divide, is in Mt 25:46.
So, goats/sheep isn't "rightly dividing" truth.

If considering existence, consider these clues:
"life eternal": Mt 25:46 isn't "eternal life",
just as "Christ Jesus" is not "Jesus Christ".
All who will live godly in CJ shall "suffer".

JC ascends up to C = oneness mode: higher.
CJ descends dwn to J = duality mode: on high.
Christ sitteth "above": hall of fame: grace,
where Jesus sat "down": hall of shame: law.

The for-word: grace: is also the up-word: above.
The back-word: law: was also a down-word: under.

For cloudy 2Sons Jesus isn't sunny 1Son Christ.

Saying God isn't author of confusion, but of peace,
is saying God isn't author of Jesus, but of Christ.
For Christ = peace, not divided... higher oneness.
But Jesus = division, not peace... duality on high.
Hence Pauline admonition: "be not highminded" x2,
as if unto both highminded children vs children,
and as unto both highminded servants vs servants.
For Rev 12's Dragon vs Michael is war, not peace.

Peace is not achieved by winning any such a war.
Eg: Jesus got "numbered with the transgressors".
Peace is absence of war. So of such 'or' war,
a song now sung: War, what is it good for?
is answered with War is good for "nothing",
as war is only friend to the under-taker.

For even the better of a twain war = "nothing".
Peril them vs Peril us is still Peril: nothing.
Better is neither yet best, nor yet true rest.
So it is noted better Jesus did not give rest.
Christ is our peace (rest)... everything.
Jesus was not peace (unrest)... nothing.

Christ = rejoice, because of me: amnos Lamb.
Jesus = ww wail, because of me: arnion Lamb.

So these 2 things are noted, about dual Jesus:
There was divison (not peace) because of him,
and shall be wail (not rejoice) because of him.

"Nothing" is mentioned in 1Corinthians 13:1-3,
where vain religious things are "nothing" yet;
No profit yet, until charity = never faileth is
put on, notably above seven things: Col 3:12-15.
Even forgiving one another is under, not above.
When truth is known, law "hath never forgiveness",
and grace "thinketh no evil" (law) to even forgive.
Still "under grace" isn't established "with grace".
So under grace is still nothing yet, even if right.
Being right to make others wrong is "inexcusable".
No excuse me with Law, Nor partiality with Grace.

For of these three: 1)Faith 2)Hope 3)Charity,
only 3/3 = 1.000... to eternity of everything,
but 2/3 = 0.666... to infinity of "nothing" yet.
Greater of 2: great/greater isn't greatest of 3.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.