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Re: Boo

It is a show. An illusion is a show to deceive the viwer of the show. "Immortality" only exists in this illusion. So there can only be one kind of it. "Immortality" only exists in time, not in eternity. Just as only we can speak of "evil", only we can speak of "immortality". There is not another to be better or worse. It is illusion that tells us that.

"Twain" cannot and does not exist here. There is no better one of the other. How can one illusion be better than another. Illusions do not exist. We only think they exist.

Father is not one above the "twain". In eternity only reality exists. There is nothing to be above. It would be a paradox.

When all is silent......listen. You will hear many things inside you. Hate does not exist if we think it does not! We create it, we can destroy it with even greater ease.

This is not about being right or wrong. Who cares anyway? This is about destroying the illusion. After that the "show" or "shew" is over.


Re: Boo - by Daniel Miles - May 11, 2012 9:07am