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Re: Boo

Mr. Miles,
You do make me chuckle and light up at times.

I will tell you a secret. I was saying your right and complimenting you. See......when you speak a little clearer, a lot more people might just understand you! Understand what?

Father in Heaven is not the OT God. He is pure love, compassion and mercy. There's a two headed SHOW for us to see and choose in the bible. One of hate, fiery anger and control. Then one of love, mercy and compassion. WE must see the true one in our heart to return home.

People are simple....make it simple. Teach nothing and only expose the OT illusion.

As far as teaching? I never try to teach. I've just been trying to show you a lie. You arrived at the correct answer, but the formula is flawed.

Try speaking a little more clearer and to the point. People do not understand or care to understand how you put things down in words. I'm trying to help you understand people do not get what you are saying.

I think you are brilliant, most think you are off your rocker and told me so. That is very sad for you could change so many hearts.

Mr. Stray Cat

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