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Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am (Grace) neither against anyone nor anything.
True Grace is with you all, as noted in the end,
which is only the end of law (the non-reality),
not the end of eternal grace (true reality).

The only problem I have with yer question is
it is still in 'twain' mode, not yet oneness;
So it is still 'contentious', not yet peaceful.
It still wants to be right to make others wrong.

Romans 2 notes four consequences of contention:
1 inDIGnation 2 wrath 3 tribulation 4 anguish.
Point: DIG up dirt on others also dirts you. For
"there is no respect of persons with God", and
"a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump". So
let's put away contention at inDIGnation stage.
For law worketh wrath can get very destructive,
tribulation can have double the trouble caused,
anguish is like buried alive without your cell.

God is one, but one above twain,
not one of twain as people suppose.

high is not (yet) higher
sharp is not (yet) sharper
born is not (yet) born again
formed is not (yet) reformation
corruptible is not (yet) incorruptible
better mortality is not (yet) immortality

That is what I am bringing forth:
Better is not (yet) Best nor Rest;
So leave (good/better)--> for Best;
as noted to do in Hebrews 6 ... 13.

Example: a new and better covenant: Heb 8,
still has some notable flaws: short falls:
- it's only better of twain, not yet best
- it still has 2 hses, so not yet oneness
- it still has a plural God, not God is one
- it still has a mediator is not of one
- it still has plural hearts on one side
- it still has sides, instead of peace above

So let's not just be right of left/right,
(right to make others wrong = inexcusable)
but let's also be above of under/above; For
only when above L/R twain is it "harmless".

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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