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Re: Boo

OK. You will never say were you came from. I will plainly say it for you. You came from eternity and you now live in "time" which is an illusion.

Now to the meat. What do you see around you that is REAL?

Why do you live so close to knowing the mystery, but refuse to finally open the door to see home?

Will you have the courage to answer the simple question. What do you see around you that is REAL?

You ARE one stubborn old bird my friend! :)


Re: Boo


Grace(not law) unto you, and peace(not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I welcome the subject of eternal, not eternity.

The "eternity" ye speak of is in Isaiah 57:15;
Therein & thereby called high & lofty. It`s Law.
The law and prophets expired long ago: Luke 16:16;
And highmindedess is what not to be, noted thrice
in Romans 11:20; Romans 12:16; 1Timothy 6:17.

Re: eternal clarity, what I`m into & about is
ONLY "eternal life"; NOT "eternal damnation".

Jesus spoke of eternal life + eternal damnation,
but only of being in danger of eternal damnation
whilst a Holy Ghost (Law) was still given place.
I do not give such Ghost-ly Law any place at all,
other than to expose it as the lie, the non real;
And quarantine it between opening & closing grace.

Only what began can end. The Law began, twice.
Eternal Grace has neither a beginning nor an end;
Neither any beginning of days nor any end of life.

As for time, and ``the time of the end``, well,
the time of the end is only the end of the law.

So when the shew is ended properly, as written,
(written for our learning & for our admonition)
then such never happened, nor ever will happen,
when awareness (truth) replaces ignorance (lie).
I hope this chat helped to lessen your ignorance.

I`m not from Isaiah 57:15`s eternity = not real.
I`m from Revelation 22:21 = the truth = reality.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

That is very kind of you to help lessen my ignorance. That is a rare trait these days. People are always rude and out for themselves.

So why are you against answering my question. WHAT DO YOU SEE AROUND YOU THAT IS REAL? Just wondering?

Sorry I do not share your belief in enteral damnation. You should do more study on the subject. It is all man made for fear purposes.

You are correct...only what began can end. Lucky for us our spirit came from eternity. It is also good our body did not. It will end along with all other timely, worthless and poorly made matter.

I can only think of one reason why you wish not to answer the question I ask "WHAT DO YOU SEE AROUND YOU THAT IS REAL?" I imagine it would upset the maker of all things we see. You know....to know it's all dying and worthless.

Anyway, your enternal vs eternity was well thought out and very interresting. Nice read.

Looking forward to hearing your answer to my question.

Your friend,

"Let us be all things in Father's character."

Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am (Grace) neither against anyone nor anything.
True Grace is with you all, as noted in the end,
which is only the end of law (the non-reality),
not the end of eternal grace (true reality).

The only problem I have with yer question is
it is still in 'twain' mode, not yet oneness;
So it is still 'contentious', not yet peaceful.
It still wants to be right to make others wrong.

Romans 2 notes four consequences of contention:
1 inDIGnation 2 wrath 3 tribulation 4 anguish.
Point: DIG up dirt on others also dirts you. For
"there is no respect of persons with God", and
"a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump". So
let's put away contention at inDIGnation stage.
For law worketh wrath can get very destructive,
tribulation can have double the trouble caused,
anguish is like buried alive without your cell.

God is one, but one above twain,
not one of twain as people suppose.

high is not (yet) higher
sharp is not (yet) sharper
born is not (yet) born again
formed is not (yet) reformation
corruptible is not (yet) incorruptible
better mortality is not (yet) immortality

That is what I am bringing forth:
Better is not (yet) Best nor Rest;
So leave (good/better)--> for Best;
as noted to do in Hebrews 6 ... 13.

Example: a new and better covenant: Heb 8,
still has some notable flaws: short falls:
- it's only better of twain, not yet best
- it still has 2 hses, so not yet oneness
- it still has a plural God, not God is one
- it still has a mediator is not of one
- it still has plural hearts on one side
- it still has sides, instead of peace above

So let's not just be right of left/right,
(right to make others wrong = inexcusable)
but let's also be above of under/above; For
only when above L/R twain is it "harmless".

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

It really is not about being right. It's not about getting one up at all. I'm wrong all the time. Do you really think I spend my time here just for the fun? I really do have much better things to do.

I am truely amazed at your knowledge. That's a hard thing to find. Don't you know I've tried everything to get you to see something I can't tell you?

Nothing I've said in the past has any meaning. It was to get you to think about something by many different means. I know you think I have it out for you. Actually that is the far far from the truth.

If you were my enemy I would simply smile and pass on. Your not my enemy so I make effert to have you discover the most amazing thing known to mankind.

So if you were to be so kind and humor me :)... can you answer the question. "What do you see around you that is real." It can be a simple general answer too.

(I see goating you, to your credit, did not work. See I try many different means)

BTW - I have never once been mad. Who wrote what and said this or that in the bible....meaningless as dirt on the floor.


Re: Boo

Hi. Stray cat, where did you stray from? A truth you once knew? Perhaps I am the same way. I am that I am..said God in O.T. If I (we) read this verse aloud, we are Him and He is us. Isn't the goal of it all..plural ..unity..singular? I will not give my glory to another. So I dreamed what it would be like to not know that I am God. You and Mr. Miles are part of my dream. My seed is so strong it animates all it touches..and all it touches is me. No man is an island unto himself.


another thing

I have been pondering about a verse in Genesis. God drugged up Adam and made him go nappy time..so that he could take a bbq rib and make a good lookin Eve and Adam said stand back woman, I don't know how big this thing gets...I just realized that the OT scripture said that God brought Eve to Adam..but it never says that God woke Adam up from his sleep...so maybe the whole scripture thing is Adam's dream.


Re: another thing


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for input, sharing your pondering,
but I would also ask you to ponder this:
why Christ is neither Adam1 nor Adam2? Reason:
"as in Adam all die" is not eternal salvation.
Eternal salvation is all live, none perish. So
if one dies for all, it's not eternal salvation.
So, God will have crucifiction, not crucifixion.

Adam2 may be the Lord from heaven in 1Cor 15,
and dividing asunder of Adam1 <--> Adam2 may
be as dividing soul <--> spirit in Heb 4; But
Heb 4:12 also divides asunder joints<-->marrow.

For even when spiritual of natural/spiritual,
there's still this matter to still attend to:
"comparing spiritual things with spiritual",
which is as if comparing laws with grace.

Grace is spiritual, but spiritual oneness.
Law is spiritual, but spiritual wickedness.

So, God "will mercy, and not sacrifice",
meaneth God will have grace, and not law,
means God will have oneness, not duality.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now to the meat.
You talk of unreal/real, as still in twain mode.
As I mentioned, twain mode is still contentious.
Twain mode is also "double minded" = "unstable",
notably unstable both "ways" in James 1:8. Eg:
As you say, about you: I am wrong all the time.

I do not perceive anyone as wrong, per se,
rather such like just have more to learn;
By leaving good/better for what is best.
For better is neither yet best nor rest.
True rest, what is best, is above twain.

Contention isn't harmless, not even when verbal.
So, what I'm into is getting us all above twain;
For God is one above twain, not one of twain.
Only what is above twain is real and eternal.

So let us be reconciled to that God, in Christ;
that perfect Love (God) which "thinketh no evil",
no evil to punish, nor any evil to even forgive.
Such is not duality, nor double minded, but one.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

Think about what you said....God thinks no evil....He does not even KNOW what evil is, like we do not KNOW what mass murder is. Now take a good look around you!!!!!!!!!Surely you see? But do you want to see is the question?

If man does "evil, WE created it (freewill). What about when an animal tears apart another and kills it for food or just for the hell of it? Do cows hunt down deer to eat them? No. Why do tigers? They were MADE THAT WAY! Well....made by whom?

Father does not KNOW what?.....Evil, killing, death, madness. So whom made this sick world and universe that is dying 100% of the time? It sure was not my Father. Then who Danny? It is more than "ALL-E-GORY"!

Peace and Wisdom to you,

Re: Boo

Ok. You don't have to answer the question if it make you uneasy. I do understand why and that's what makes the entire thing very sad.

Later on Danny-O

Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

What's sad is you're still in duality mode. Carnal.
Eg: Even when you do under-stand, it's still under;
Albeit "not under the law", but still "under grace".

"Above" a servant (more than a slave: Son) is
neither "under" the law, nor "under" grace.

So, Hebrews 13:9 says get established "with grace",
for there is also no profit if still "under grace".

- with grace: higher: no duality nor partiality
- under grace: high: still duality & carnality

So, I've noted unto you:
high is not (yet) higher
under is not (yet) above
sharp is not (yet) sharper
harmageddon is not (yet) harmless
carnal duality mode is not (yet) oneness mode
right of left/right isn't above of under/above

Being right of left/right does not profit with all,
not even if right of law/grace, instead of law/law;
Cause it's as be right of peril them/peril us times,
still as unprofitable as be right of Death1/Death2.

Point: better mortality is not yet immortality.
Better mortality is right of left/right on high,
But immortality is above of under/above, higher.

So Christ sitteth "above": hall of fame: "with",
where Jesus sat "down": hall of shame: "under".

It's an allegoric "mystery" to be solved in time.
Eternal life is life void of death: immortality,
not life after death, which is still mortality.
So lay hold on eternal life preceeds Revelation,
since in Revelation the choice is Death1/Death2.

There's two kinds of immortality in duality mode:
'aphtharsia' immortality & 'athanasia' immortality.
But in oneness mode only 'aphthartos' immortality.

There's two kinds of grace in the God Shew,
but when it's ended properly, only one kind:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

Answer a simple question straight up....
Who made all you see with your eyes?

Do you have the courage to answer the question?

That is the first step to enter reality and leave illusion behind you.

Well....do you have the courage? There is nothing to fear as fear is just another illusion.

Do you have the courage to give a simple truthful answer?

Just say no and you will not hear from me again. I certainly do not want to be somewhere where I'm not wanted.

Peace out.

Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

What I've been trying to tell you is this:
if what you see is 'all worthless and dying',
then what you're seeing is f-law, not grace,
the flawed grace Noah found, not JC's grace.

For there are also two kinds of grace in Bible:
- grace and lie Noah found in eyes of the LORD.
- grace and truth which came by Jesus-->Christ.
If Noahic grace ok, what need then for JC grace?
If Noahic grace not ok, replace it with JC grace.

I'm looking at it all from above: spirituality.
You are looking at it from beneath: carnality.

What I see via the JC sort of grace, isn't flawed.
I don't see any gloom & doom. I see broom & groom.
As such, I don't see any evil to punish or forgive.

I see the end of law, as if it never even happened.
Grace + law, flaw thereof = purged: never happened,
nor ever will, when awareness replaces ignorance.
That was the only purpose of it all: our learning.

When the God Shew is ended properly, as written,
then it never even happened nor ever will happen.
It was only a shew, with ensamples for admonition.
It's a virtual reality shew, mystery to solve, in
which they/we play a part, their part vs your part,
till they/we all put away partiality for perfection.

Might as well go for a soda, or coffee, or beer,
and talk about nobody lies, nor dies, nor cries,
when love is perfected and then thinketh no evil.

Where no law, there no transgression to be #'d in.
When no law, then no sin is imputed to death sting.
So endure unto the end, is only the end of law law.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

Thank you. Somebody just might understand that. You should try that more often. Really! Not kidding!

Imagine a German trying to read and understand Chinese. They just say......Huh and move on!

Think about it :)

Of course this never happened or will ever happen. It's all an illusion for your learning. What did happened, happened a split second ago in eternity.

Peace out. Enjoy your night.

BTW-You really have no clue of what I KNOW :) Truely!

Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no 'split second' in eternal life mode.
There's a split & a second in your law eternity.
Eg: a second "finished" in John gives "it" place.
Pst: neither give "place" to the devil: Eph 4:27.

You're still in the dual-ity mode of James 1:8:
(eg: "double minded" = "unstable" both "ways")
still has both non illusion & illusion,
like still having both heaven & earth,
is to say still have both grace & law,
is to say still have both above & under.
See 1Corinthians 13:1-3 re "nothing" yet.
See Colossians 3:1-3 re such under/above.
See Revelation 18 re "double" trouble under.

You still wanna be right to make others wrong,
rather than flush wrong so all be right-eous.
See Romans 2 about such. It's "inexcusable".
Point: no excuse me in f-law curses every one.

Be above of under/above, not right of left/right.
There is no profit to either of left/right twain.
Both under law vs under grace have an under-taker.
See Hebrews 13: 9 about such.
- "with grace" = higher: harmless (Heb 7:26).
- "under grace" = under: harmageddon (Rev 16).
So the heart should be established "with grace".
Such requires letting the law be the dead testator.

As to your remark: you don't know what I know;
it's preposterous order to teach first, learn afterward.
So I say unto ye: go ye and learn what Mt 9:13 means.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

Mr. Miles,
You do make me chuckle and light up at times.

I will tell you a secret. I was saying your right and complimenting you. See......when you speak a little clearer, a lot more people might just understand you! Understand what?

Father in Heaven is not the OT God. He is pure love, compassion and mercy. There's a two headed SHOW for us to see and choose in the bible. One of hate, fiery anger and control. Then one of love, mercy and compassion. WE must see the true one in our heart to return home.

People are simple....make it simple. Teach nothing and only expose the OT illusion.

As far as teaching? I never try to teach. I've just been trying to show you a lie. You arrived at the correct answer, but the formula is flawed.

Try speaking a little more clearer and to the point. People do not understand or care to understand how you put things down in words. I'm trying to help you understand people do not get what you are saying.

I think you are brilliant, most think you are off your rocker and told me so. That is very sad for you could change so many hearts.

Mr. Stray Cat

Re: Boo


Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

You're still talking about this God 'show':
the 'better' of two kinds of mortality,
when spiritual of natural/spiritual.

I'm talking about that God "shew":
better of two kinds of "immortality", and
of dealing with the "spiritual wickedness"
by "comparing spiritual things with spiritual".

You're still talking a better one of twain.
I'm talking about God is one above the twain.

Point: Above: higher than the heavens,
is neither of plural heavens on high.
So get over your high & mighty 'show',
to get on with what's higher than high.

People speak of a higher power after
recovering from their various highs.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Boo

It is a show. An illusion is a show to deceive the viwer of the show. "Immortality" only exists in this illusion. So there can only be one kind of it. "Immortality" only exists in time, not in eternity. Just as only we can speak of "evil", only we can speak of "immortality". There is not another to be better or worse. It is illusion that tells us that.

"Twain" cannot and does not exist here. There is no better one of the other. How can one illusion be better than another. Illusions do not exist. We only think they exist.

Father is not one above the "twain". In eternity only reality exists. There is nothing to be above. It would be a paradox.

When all is silent......listen. You will hear many things inside you. Hate does not exist if we think it does not! We create it, we can destroy it with even greater ease.

This is not about being right or wrong. Who cares anyway? This is about destroying the illusion. After that the "show" or "shew" is over.


Re: Boo


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

More to learn ye have, grasshopper.
Eg: "ye" must be "born again" to "see";
Yet "see" KofG is not yet "enter" KofG.

It's a "shew": comparative teaching, for "learnng";
1stly a "twain" shew comparing natural vs spiritual,
but also "comparing spiritual things with spiritual".
When spiritual, there's still "spiritual wickedness".
When right, there's still right under/right above.
Being right under still has this: an under-taker.
So Christ sitteth above what's under: Col 3:1-3.

Eg: Heb 4:12 1st divide asunder soul<-->spirit,
but then also divide asunder joints<-->marrow.

1Cor 15: 1stly divide asunder Adam1<-->Adam2,
but then also divide asunder Adams<-->Christ.
For the true Christ is neither Adam1 nor Adam2.
Reason: "as in Adam all die". In Christ all live.

So 1stly divide asunder mortality<-->immortality,
but then also divide immortality<-->immortality;
Since there's also two immortality(s) in a shew,
(eg: 'aphtharsia' is not 'athanasia' immortality)
especially if told it's a "mystery" with twists.

Think of it as if a labyrinth with plural exists,
and if we took yer proposed exit, we'd still die.
Reason: "Harmless" Grace does not destroy (law).
Eg: "I am not come to destroy", but to fulfill.
The proper exit is the one where none perish.

The shew, containing Old AND New Testaments,
also has two things to sort when you're New.
Eg: when you of ye/you, you can still fail,
until you put on "charity" = "never faileth".
Never fail is put on above forgiving one another,
b/c forgive them got numbered with transgressors.
"Numbered with transgressors" is not "approved".
It's a difference btwn ashamed <--> not ashamed.

Better is not yet Best, nor yet true Rest(Peace).
Better is still from plural God. Best = oneness.
Oneness isn't one of twain, but one above twain.

The paradox is You, still being like unto a Jew,
still trying to teach first and learn afterward.
It's preposterous to teach 1st, learn afterward.

For the time that you ought to be a teacher,
You still have need of being taught yourself,
and about what are the 1st principles of God;
For meat isn't like milky way of babes: Heb 5.
Leave principles to go on to perfection: Heb 6.

Eg: waters under aren't waters above: Gen 1.
So learn the difference btwn "under"/"above".

Eg: The "Father" can be Abraham, but then it's
"Abraham's bosom" isn't merciful: Lk 16:19-31.
Y(our) Father in heaven is "merciful": Lk 6:36.

"That God" is light having no darkness at all.
"To --> wit", "that God" was in "Christ",
reconciling "the world" unto himself,
and does "not" impute sin: 2Cor 5:19.

Be ye reconciled unto God,
but notice it's "that God",
the one who "upbraideth not",
the God is one who can't lie nor die.
The other God, other wise, is earthy.
Earthy is sensual, devilish illusion.

If any of you lack wisdom, ask God,
but 1st be sure it's that God, and
also ask that God "nothing wavering",
else you'll get nothing yet if "double minded".
For a double minded man is all ways "unstable".

That's why it is AD--> only goes one way, and
that way also goes unto the end of plural ways.

The for-word: grace: is also the up-word: above;
but such is not the grace Noah found in the LAW.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.