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A Heart Full of Love and Understanding

Hi All,

This time I am writing this message to All with a heart full of Love and understanding. There was a time when I was on this forum speaking all nonsense about Daniel Miles and today, I feel that I should come forward with many things that happened in my life.

I had gone through the worst phase of mental torture in my life. Not understanding that it was all due to absence of God. I was in the search of Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit when I came across this website.

That time when Daniel Miles, tried to share his knowledge with me, I was rude and wrote many blaming messages here on this forum. All were in the name of Ruth. That time, I was really not understand the real Me so I changed the name because I was into Christianity for 7 long years thinking that Jesus is God. Due to that I always failed.

However, God never leaves us nor forsakes us. His Grace works perfectly in our life. Daniel Miles kept on sharing his Pure Wisdom to me through emails. He had been explaining me in various ways and had been answering all my questions.

Just few days before, I typed "Godshew" in Google search and found that the world really hates to understand the True God. They think that this is a weird teaching that Daniel Miles has been sharing to us on Godshew.org

I got saved by the Grace of God today because I am so happy that I finally learn't the meaning of Grace of God. I could not understand this for many years even when Daniel Miles had been sending me emails full of understanding.

Today, my heart is overflowing with Love (Grace), due to which I am writing this message here on the same forum where I had blamed him once.

By the amazing Grace of God, today, I was able to write and understand about the Grace of God which I really could not understand since many years.

I am grateful to Daniel Miles (Love) because he kept on giving the Grace of God to me all the time. The importance of Grace in our life is abundant. If we all understand the Grace of God (Abundant Love) then we all will be ONE (Unity with God).

Whatever I have learned, I have written here on my website and I really am filled with Love for Daniel Miles because he lifted me up and always encouraged me to reach this stage of True Love. Though I am still learning, I would surely wish to learn more and live a life forever with God.

Thanks to God and His mercies. Thanks to Daniel Miles. Thanks to Holy Spirit. Thanks to His Grace (Abundance Love).

Re: A Heart Full of Love and Understanding

Thanks for sharing.

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