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Re: law and grace


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

You might want to re-read Hebrews 8 to notice
there are two houses mentioned:
- the house of Israel, and
- the house of Judah.
It's only Israel that gets fLAWed again.

Not to mention Galatians 3, notably
written unto the bewitched churches, notes
- the law is not of faith
- no man is justified by the law, and
- mediator Jesus is not of one, but God is one.

If the heart gets fLAWed it can get attacked.
So it's let not your heart be troubled (lawed).

For a lawed heart will "defile" itself,
and do such defiling with it's own mouth:
Mt 12:37; Mt 15:11; Mk 7:18-23; Rom 2:1

Hence it is a good (God) thing that
the heart be established with grace;
because laws did not profit them
who were occupied therein: Heb 13:9

Christ = sharper sword of the Spirit: Grace.
Jesus = sharp twoedged swordy mouth: Law Law.

The For-word: Grace: is also the Up-word.
A Back-word: Law: was also a Down-word.

So Christ sitteth "above": hall of fame: Grace,
where Jesus sat "down": hall of shame: Law.

Can't get numbered with transgressors
when there is no law: Romans 4:15; So
Christ is the end of the law: Rom 10:4.

The grace of our Lord J-->C with with all. Amen.

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