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Usward of them/us

There's a lot of allegorical them/us and they/we scriptures which contrast people as if law/grace (destructive/constructive: harmful/harmless); But only in the partiality mode of partiality/perfection, which is still under of under/above, even when they are right of left/right division. When still under, of under/above, there's still under-taker jeopardy, even when "under grace" instead of "under law".

So we're told it is a good (God) thing that the heart be established "with grace", not just "under grace"; Which is to say above of under/above, not just right of left/right. For being right to make others wrong is still division, not peace, and still partiality, not perfection. In Hebrews 6 we leave partiality (beneath) to go on unto perfection (above).

- "with grace": "above" ("perfection")
- "under grace": "beneath" ("partiality")

For we're told the perfect (merciful) God above has no left/right (goats/sheep) partiality; And that when perfect-ion comes, then part-iality is done away, like when grace us man-kind, then child-ish things (laws) are put away: 1Cor 13. We're also told not to have the grace of our Lord J-->C with any partiality; For the Lord is longsuffering to usward, so that none perish by grace rather than all perish by law.

When studied out, "usward" isn't "right" of Matthew 25:31-33's left/right division, which has partiality, but rather it's above of Genesis 1:6-8's under/above division, which has no partiality.

In "unity of the Spirit" mode there is no double-minded them/us, just us, and no under/above, only above. So Colossians 3 tells us if risen with Christ, then our affection should only be on things "above", not on (left/right) things on the earth. For Christ went "higher than the heavens" (of high/higher) to become "us", which is "harmless": Hebrews 7:26. Such seems to confirm that "usward", of them/us, is "higher" of high/higher, "above" of under/above; Not just right of left/right things "under grace".

- "with grace": "higher": "above": "harmless"
- "under grace": "high": "beneath": "jeopardy"

We all start out "under grace" instead of "under law" in the New Testament of Old/New Testaments; But then the "higher" objective is to "grow in grace" unto the "fulness of Christ", which is "above" the left/right (goats/sheep) partiality of Jesus. For reconciling the world unto God can't lie nor die is done "in Christ", not in Jesus, and such does not have partiality, nor law impute sin to them, of them/us. So when above, of under/above, we ought not law impute sin and death for the hell of it, but put away all law: sin, death followed by hell, in order to be as grace us, mercy full, peace full as God is.