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Howdy Danny-O

Hey Danny-O,
Long time no see. How ya doin'? Good I hope.

I spoke to you before in riddles. I will now speak to you plainly. Please do not take offense. It is not meant to be mean.

Do you know you follow the evil "god" you try so hard not to follow? Really. You worship the devil himself. I know that is hard to swollow and understand. What if it was true. How would you feel? Could it be you left the realm of the devil to enter the realm of the devil?

He made a fool out of both of us once, why do you keep going back for seconds and thirds?

Peace to you.

Re: Howdy Danny-O

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord J-->C.

There is no devil (law) in third day "perfected",
so why are you still devil (law) conscious, and
still accusational: isn't Christ like: John 5:45?

Pst: Where no law, there no flaw; But where
law, there's law worketh wrath: Romans 4:15; Yet
only on "them" saying devilish stuff: 1Thess 5:3.

Isn't it the state you're in that's on back<--fire?

Perhaps then you should read Romans 2 to notice
your "inexcusable" behaviour has 4 consequences,
notably indignation, wrath, tribulation, anguish.
So then, if I were you, I'd stop being accusational.

The GRACE of our Lord J-->C with you all. Amen.