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Re: Is Logic a Law ?


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed, let us dare compare and contrast:
- that world: "that God": "Grace" ... "Above"
- "this world": this God: "Law" ... "Beneath"

Example: John 8:23
- I am not of this world. I am from above.
- Ye (err) are of this world. Ye are beneath.

In "this world" (Law) things can get as complex and confusing as a multi level matrix. Sometimes the harder you try, the worse it gets. Law vs Law can become as Loser vs Loser: hopeless. In this law law world even love fails as oft as people divorce. Lives get ruined by wrongful conviction. Soldiers who make it home from war get PTSD. People who should be trusted (parents, teachers, priests) can turn out to be abusers. It's not even survival of the fittest, for even the fittest can drop dead. Getting sick can become fatal if you get a wrong medication or if you've signed your organ donor card. The list of "jeopardy every hour" is endless, and it can include going to church; For in the churches there are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, makers of lies, and lovers of lies: Revelation 22. So nothing in this world of law can be trusted. Even your own family can become your enemy. Believers believe all sorts of whacky religious stuff, like you too can have partiality (a personal Saviour) from an impartial God. It's a world of both good and evil, witch ends badly.

In that world (Grace) that God is light (grace) and in him there is no darkness (law) at all. He will never leave nor forsake you like Law does. That Christ of that God is the end of the law, not the mend of law. So in that world there is no under-taker jeopardy every hour, no enemies to try and love, only friends. It's not a world of good and evil, but good only, which even gets better as people grow in grace. It's not hopeless, but hopeful. For that God is not the author of confusion (law), but of peace (grace). His peace is not won by winning any left/right sides war, but the absense of sides and side effects of war.

When we dare to compare and contrast the glory of law (this world) vs the glory of grace (that world), we find grace is merciful, not merciless, and so exceedingly "much more" glory us that law glory to them fades to nothing by comparison and contrast: 2Corinthians 3; Kinda like the moon and stars fade to nothing (vanish) at the coming of the sun. The Grace (God) of our Lord Jesus Christ is called 'Amazing Grace'. It's not cloudy and depressing, but sunny and enLIGHTening.

So it's not only this world vs that world, but this God vs that God. For the God of this world (Law) is the God of the dead; But the God of that world (Grace) is the God of the living. By dying to the Law (instead of dying by the Law), we become alive unto that God (Grace).

It's like leaving corruption (law) to go on unto incorruption (grace), and like leaving mortality (law) to go unto immortality (grace), and like leaving imperfection (law) to go on unto perfection (grace); in the same manner we leave child to become man, and leave harmful to become harmless.

Hebrews 6 says leaving the principles (laws) let us go on unto perfection (grace). One of the principles to leave is resurrection of dead; For there are no dead to resurrect in perfection. Reusrrection is a grave subject. Grace is not a grave subject. Eternal life is not life after death, but life void of death; Which is only plausible by grace void of law, which is mercy void of sacrifice, which is peace (rest) void of confusion (unrest).

Going on, from Hebrews 6, we find harmless is higher than high, higher than the heavens on high, higher than either side of the majesty on high; As above is not beneath, as that world is not this world, as grace is not law law. So it's not a matter of being right of left/right things on high, but a matter of being above of under/above, and because when above there is no under-taker jeopardy every hour. So Hebrews 13:9 notes it's good (God) thing that the heart be established "with grace", not just under grace, which hasn't profited them occupied in laws.

"With Grace": "Above"... that world of that God.
"Under Grace": "Beneath"...this world of this God.

We all start out "under grace": Romans 6:14,15.
The objective is to be established "with grace".

With Grace: no under-taker jeopardy... harmless.
Under Grace: has under-taker jeopardy... harmful.

The grace of our Lord JC [is] with you all. Amen.

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