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A few concerns and questions about the law.

The bible says that in the new covenant we have the laws in our heart. Also it says to follow the spirit of the law. Does that mean we who are under the new covenant still obey the law if the law is in our hearts. Also when it says the end of the law does it means he completed the law, or fufilled it as to have finished the laws which brings up the question as to why would the law still be in effect in our hearts in the new covenant? There just doesnt seem to be an allegory here. The only thing I can think of as an answer is, the spirit judges all things but in itself is not judged. So we reinforce the law but are not subject to it? Please let me know what you think.I just dont see any laws going away if they are in our hearts and minds as the new covenant is to be.The only way for that to happen is to lose our minds and our hearts which would abolish the new covenant which we know that Jesus is still intact so he still carries them with him. Thanks.