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Daniel Miles is the best God's Child in the world

I am so happy to know that you have received God's Holy Spirit which many pastors and preachers have not yet received, in India, they are still preaching the old "Jesus is our savior" teachings of law (Holy Ghost). Cover your head, take baptism, take communion, take fellowship with all the sinners and do not mix with the non-believers.

Grace is such a thing for them that when they sin, they remember Grace, even I was the same until I came across your website. I realized that you are a blessed man because God has given you an incredible wisdom to understand and present your understanding on this website.

I can read and understand this website only with the help of HOLY SPIRIT and this makes it clear that God has really send a blessed man named Daniel Miles on this earth for us to know the real truth of God's real love for us.

Though I am reading it bit by bit, I am also trying to understand the vast knowledge of divine love which you have got through our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Grace be with you and everyone. AMEN.