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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord JC.

I would not be right to make you(anyone) wrong;
For such a sides war has side effects unto all.
Rather, I would be right to make you all right;
For winning a sides war is as bad as losing one.

Paul's gospel (theology) is notably two things:
1) "The gospel of God": Grace, and
2) "The gospel of Christ": Peace.
It isn't partiality gospel of two Sons Jesus;
Nor another gospel of any vengeful Ghost God.

NT law is deadlier ("greater damnation") than OT law;
So all law written in stone & ink is to be done away.
For two beasts in Revelation are LAW<--Law,
And the LAW says unto the Law:
Sit while I take my vegeance.
Which things are an "allegory",
and a "mystery" to solve in time,
by seek and "find grace" in time to "help".

Law: <--hinders
Grace: helps-->

Law = must "draw back" to perdition
Grace = let us "go on" unto perfection

Indeed, "our Father, which art, in heaven":
Grace: is neither two faced nor two handed.
It's fearful to fall to plural "hands": Heb 10.
"That God" is light only (void of any darkness).
That God is grace "only" (void of any LAW<--Law).

The grace of our Lord J-->C with you-->all. Amen.