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Re: Salvation Can't Be Legislated Nor Earned; But Learned

Dear Felix,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for input on this topic. I agree with some of your input, but not with your erroneous conclusion.

What is truth? Grace is sufficient (no law req'd).
What is lies? Laws are lies: John 1:17
How do we get it: understanding? By embracing it.
Furthermore we should get it: understanding to the point of no misunderstanding (no schism) in the body.

Indeed, God our Father, which art, in heaven, is perfect and also merciful (Matthew 5:48 & Luke 6:36), not also merciless as Law was. So when speaking of God as our Father we should name such hallowedness: Grace; For Grace cannot lie nor die, but Law does both. Grace neither tempts (laws) not can be tempted (lawed). Grace does not think both good and evil as Law does, but rather good only. Grace does not author confusion, but rather peace. Law authors confusion and frustration. Law frustrates (vexes) God's grace.

However in the end of our get it: understanding, we should not even name the Liar, the false God Father, the Law, since even naming it would give such devil law place, which would also give place to sin, unpardonable sin, wrath to come, and death to all.

Plural and contrary scriptures were notably written aforetime for our "learning": Romans 15:4; And JC said God said: go ye and "learn" what this meaneth: "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice": Matthew 9:13. So we go to Hebrews 10 and learn it means true God and Son will have grace, not law. For such things are an allegory: Galatians 4, and a mystery to solve in time: noted over 20 times, with the primary objective being: with all thy getting, get it: understanding, and to the point there is no misunderstanding at all: Proverbs 4. I find no misunderstanding at all when law is exposed as the liar, the false God, the enmity, the accuser of the brethren, the ministration of condemnation and death to all. The weight to lose, in order to do the end run along with patience does it at a grace pace: light speed, is sacrifice, which is of the law.

Felix, if we are born with salvation, then what need is there for being "born again"? If we are born a perfect man, what need is there to put away childish things (laws) to be one grace us man kind? If we are born with perfection already, what need is there to "go on unto perfection"? So Felix, salvation of the eternal sort is learned, not earned.

Only what began can end. Law began.
Eternal Grace has no begin nor end.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.