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Re: Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Dear Robert Hillman,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for posting your opinion on GodShew.Org's unlimited and unconditional Forum.

In Hebrews, perhaps a mini bible itself, I find GOD on high both "spake" and "spoke", in both "time past" and "last days", to both them and us, via prophets and the Son. However it is now neither time past nor last days, neither BC nor 0-2000AD, but the last day(light): beyond 2000AD; And perhaps time to re-consider and re-think what sort of day(light) it should be, for eternity... if such things be "allegory" and "mystery" to solve "in time" by find grace in time to help, since there's neither mystery nor time for mystery in eternity.

Let us look at Amos 5:19 concerning such: The day of the LORD (LAW) is darkness, not light; Woe unto you that desire it. To what end is it for you? Now let us look at 1John 1:5: That God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all. Such is what we have heard of him from the beginning.

Now back to Genesis 1: God said: let there be light(only); Not darkness only, nor both light and darkness. Now look at the seventh day in Genesis 2, which notably has no mention of "evening and morning" as it does six times in Genesis 1.

Now let us look at Hebrews 10, to note law is as a shadow, or a dark version, of things to come. Grace is as light, or the very things to come. So then let there be light becomes let there be grace; Or as Solomon said it in Proverbs 4: with all thy getting, get understanding, and when understanding is embraced, your head (Christ is the head of every man) will be crowned, with "grace" glory: Obviously the glory of God we all are being changed to, as by the Spirit, in 2Corinthians 3.

As for the word of God, I find in Hebrews 4:12 that the word of God is three things, and it notably does three things:
i) it's quick (alive)
ii) it's powerful (full of power)
iii) it's sharper than any twoedged sword
i) it divides asunder soul(Adam1)<-->spirit(Adam2)
ii) it divides asunder joints(laws)<-->marrow(grace)
iii) it discerns the thoughts & intents of the heart
Why? Because, as noted in Hebrews and elsewhere, if the heart is not established "with" grace, then it's "against" grace (Matthew 12:30); and it will then condemn(law) itself with it's own mouth (Job 15:6... Mt 15:11... Mk 7:18-23... Rom 2:1).

Now John 3:16
But God did not send his Son to condemn(law) the world, which had condemned itself already with it's own mouth; Rather God sent his Son that through him (thru J-->C) the world might be saved (graced and truthed), not destroyed.

Now John 5:45
God's Son would not accuse anyone; But did reveal who the accuser of the brethren is: Moses' Law; the schoolmaster that should be dismissed: Galatians 3, since it failed every student: all who tried to attain righteousness (grace) of the law failed to attain it: Romans 9:31.

Now to John 8:3-11
God's Son would not even condemn(law) the woman caught in adult-ery; But did notably stoop x2 and also arose x2 to clear the room of her accusers, and did notably tell her the same thing told the impotent man: go and sin(law) no more. And the reason was: if you continue lawing (law imputing sin for the hell of it) your latter state will be worse, not better. Worse? Seven other spirits more wicked... Revelation notably has seven spirits. Worse? More the child of hell(law) than former fools, hypocrites, vipers, and blind guides who sat in Moses' Seat: Law: Mt 23.

So then, the word of God notably both wrongly and rightly divides the word of truth: truth about the law and truth about grace, for compare-i-son, and notably to get to the heart of the matter: a heart not established "with" grace will be against His grace (law is against us: Colossians 2:14), and thereby self-condemn itself with it's own mouth. Eg: Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I: Job 15:6. Eg: By law judging others you self-condemn yourself: Romans 2:1.

So then, fatherly Paul tells sonly Timothy to study, and notably to shew himself approved(only) unto God, and thereby be a workman that needs not be ashamed(lawed), by rightly dividing the word of truth to grace is sufficient (no law required). For when in agreement with God, then no schoolmaster is required, nor any mediation of any mediator.

Obviously being law abiding does not result in being approved unto God, if no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, and without faith is it impossible to please God, and the law is not of faith, but is sin, as told us in Rom 14:23... Gal 3:11. Rather being justified by law is a fall, from grace to law, and then the result is Christ(is the end of the law: Rom 10:4) is of no effect to you: Galatians 5:4. What then? Then it's not suffered to continue by reason of death(law): Hebrews 7:23. Why? The Lord is longsuffering to us-ward, not them-ward; For in them, in either of them1 or them2, is no eternal life, but rather life + death = dead end. Same goes for either of the two Adams: Adam1 or Adam2: as in Adam all die. So let us not stop at dividing asunder Adam1<-->Adam2, as done in 1Cor 15:45 and Heb 4:12, but go on to the dividing asunder of joints(laws)<-->marrow(grace), and rightly divide such to grace is sufficient (no law required), in order to establish the heart with grace, not against, nor with and against. Thereby no more punishing schoolmaster nor any more suffering via a mediator handing out mediation from GOD on high. For all who will live godly (childish) in CJ (reverse of JC) shall suffer. Selah.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

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The word of god is INFALLABLE
and perfect