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Real Free Grace by Jesus, VS. Legalistic Works Grace by Paul

Brother Daniel,
Most Christian churches and Paul say that salvation (eternal life) is given to us by faith and grace alone. I disagree 100%. It is by grace alone. They teach it is by our own works we receive salvation. I believe it is by commandment keeping and following His words the best that we can. I believe we receive salvation by grace alone.

This seems to be totally insane and contradictory on the surface? But things are not always as they seem. They teach a man is lost without salvation until he prays to Jesus and asks Him into their heart and life as lord and savior. The man prays and asks Jesus to do this, and if the man really believes and means it, he is saved and it is an eternal security that can not be taken away. What if I said this is a direct 180 degree contradiction from the truth? You might say what? How? Let’s see how.

The reality is that the man has to perform an action, deed, or “work” for his salvation. If he does not do this “work” (pray, ask, etc..), he will not get salvation and will be lost and go to hell when he dies. This my friend is called salvation by works. We have to do a certain task, deed, or “work” to gain salvation. You can not split hairs here, they teach salvation by works. I say salvation is by grace alone. You say what again! How can that be? You say you must keep His commandments and words the best you can. How can this be? You must be pulling my leg, right? Nope. Paul and "his" Christians are liars and deceivers of the worst kind. The following will show how we receive salvation totally free, totally by grace, and we can not possibly do anything to get it. Think about how that might be and how Paul and "his" Christians teach legalism and heresy.

Father said we are known from before the foundation of the world, through his foreknowledge. Before the earth was made, before the very foundation of creation existed, we were granted salvation by Father out of His pure Grace and mercy. We did not exist yet, so we could have done nothing to get or earn it. This is salvation by grace alone. But what about the works of keeping commandments and following His words, they might ask! Well, they would say we are born with two choices. We either choose Father or choose Satan. Again they are sadly mistaken! We only have one choice. We are born with Father and with salvation. The only choice is to turn from Father throughout our lives and reject His commandments and teachings. There is only choice in life and we have our entire life to choose to do it. Remember the words of Jesus, “Endure until the end and you save be saved”! If we endure until the end, He will raise us up on the last day to eternal life (salvation). Does enduring until the end constitute eternal security? No it does not. Salvation is given to us freely before we exist. We must stay with Father and keep it or choose Satan (or Paul) and loose it. They would say give me proof you can loose salvation. I would say that Jesus says endure until the end. I would say Father said in Ex. 32:30-35 He will blot your name out of the book of life (salvation). I would say Jesus also said it by His mouth in revelation.

The murders, adulterers, thieves and so forth will be blotted out of the book of life. He says that certain people have their names written in the book of life, but does not state when. So we look for a second and third witness. Father and Jesus states that certain people have their names blotted out of the book of life. This means salvation can be lost because their names were written in before hand. If a name appears, you have life. If the name is blotted out, you have lost your salvation at death and will be raised to damnation. So the truth is we receive salvation by grace totally free before we exist. We either love Jesus or love Paul and his satanic teachings. How do we love Jesus and keep our free gift to be cashed in on the last day? “If you love me, keep my commandments”. Paul and "his" Christians teach the exact opposite. Our salvation is by blood atonement performed by Jesus and we must do a “work” to receive it. After we receive it, we can not lose it. Why does Satan deceive people into believing and teaching this? To destroy as many people as he can! Many will and I have seen, they think they cannot sin anymore because all things are lawful as Paul said. They do not try to follow His commandments and words. They willfully continue to sin without trying to stop the best they can. They do not repent as Jesus commanded, and at the last day they will die without salvation. They choose to turn from Father and loose it. That is what cheap grace is. True grace is free and you will follow Jesus the best you can to say thank you for the greatest gift of all time. Paul and "his" Christians turn it into cheap grace obtained by our own works.
Sleep tight Brother Daniel.