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Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Dear AC Paul,

Grace & Peace to U from God & Son Unlimited.

I find there were perhaps 2, maybe 3 Bibles printed around 1611, by Oxford Univeristy Press: who's mandate was make money by printing what people paid for. I noted Translators of the Bible were maligned & traduced on both sides, by Catholics & Protestants, as noted in their Epistle Dedicatory; So it's not unreasonable to guess both also printed their per versions: Catholic version containing Apocrypha but not Epistle Dedicatory, Protestant version containing neither Epistle Dedicatory nor the Apocrypha. The oldest bible I've gotten my hands on is pre 1900, and it's neither Catholic nor Protestant, does contain the Epistle Dedicatory, but not the Apocrypha.

As for what's inspired of God, of such plural and contrary scriptures written as a comparative teaching, it's notably not plural scriptures in 2Timothy 3:16, but the singular "script-u-are" of such plural and contrary scriptures written aforetime for our learning. If both were inspired of God, it would make God divided, against himself, bi-polar.

Furthermore it's all allegory, not to be taken literal nor historical, but written aforetime for our learning: Romans 15:4. Eg: "go ye and LEARN what meaneth I will have mercy, and not sacrifice": Mt 9:13 & Mt 12:7, repeated from Ps 40:6, Ps 51:16, and Hos 6:6 as a 'go figure' what such allegory means. I did go figure, and found it means: I will have grace, and not law: Hebrews 10.

Perhaps you are behind the times, for biblical scholars have been looking into the allegorical aspect of the bible for about 100 years now, along with the contradictions, too many to be ignored. When I find a contradiction I don't ignore it, but compare it to a counter part, and flush counter part after; For when the perfect part comes, imperfect part is to be done away, put away, put off, abolished as enmity.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

I like you too AC Paul, but get frustrated by your willingness to "live godly in CJ", thereby "suffer"; And to cause the Lord to l-o-n-g-suffer to us-ward, which is neither of them vs them oppose themselves.