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Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Dear AC Paul & Chris,

Grace & Peace from God & Son.

God isn't the author of confusion (unrest), but of peace (rest); Especially on the seventh day, and the third day is as the seventh day when counting the days in John 1 & 2:1. Let him that hath understanding count: Rev 13.

In Luke 15 we find both the son who was lost(dead) is found(alive), and the sheep which was lost(dead) is found(alive). So rejoice, if none lost, all found. Furthermore it was Son of Man who came to seek and save the lost; And in Numbers 23:19 it's the Son of Man who should repent, for perceiving any were lost, by giving place to both lost and found, or to clean and unclean, via grace and law.

God never ever saw both clean and unclean, nor both good and evil. From the get go, in Genesis 1, God saw "good"(only) x6, and "very good" the 7th time. It was the LORD, of God vs the LORD in the flood story, who perceived both clean and unclean. So let us distinguish between God and the LORD; For if one God be both, then God's a bi-polar psycopath to be avoided, lest he's having a law worketh wrath day, and not merciful but both merciful and merciless.

As for the twelve, old and new, they were like a hung jury, and could never agree on anything, and got upbraided for their unbelief. Two of the twelve, namely John and James, moved the ten to indignation. Of Judas it is said he "also betrayed him", denoting others did; Especially Peter, who denied him thrice, and perhaps twice. After the crucifixion and resurrection we find them hiding behind a locked door, in fear mode, not in perfect love void of fear.

Peter is called Satan: an offence: Mt 16:23; And fore-told he'd get converted: Lk 22:32. In John 21 gone fishing Peter didn't even recognize the risen Lord at Tiberias, and when he heard it was the Lord he cast himself into the sea. In Acts he dissimulates, gets jailed, breaks out of jail and goes underground, later surfacing as Cephas, perhaps the first Pope.

Peter reveals his conversion came about by reading all Paul's epistles: 2Pet3. Only then did he strengthen (grace) his brethren with grace mercy peace as foretold to do; With "grow in grace"; But firstly with peace to those in CJ, as from JC, in 1Pet, finally concluding JC as our Lord and Saviour, to whom be glory, both now and for ever, in 2Pet.

So also Paul speaks to CJ folk as an apostle of JC, clarifying JC is the only foundation laid to build on, and concludes the grace of JC with you all, against none of you. But Paul gets converted first, in three stages:
Terrorist Saul-->Wretched Paul-->Paul The Apostle
And therefore also cannonized first in the Bible.

So Paul becomes apostle to both Jews and Gentiles; but to the Jew first, according to the scriptures, and to make up for the slack of Peter, till Peter got fully converted from law to grace. In Romans we find things mentioned twice, for both Jews and Gentiles:
- ye/we are not under the law, but under grace x2
- the grace of our Lord JC with you all. Amen. x2
We also find there's no difference between Jews and Gentiles, as there's no respect of persons with God.

Peter also becomes apostle to both Jews and Gentiles, but still dissimulates (causing Barnabas to get carried away) till he gets withstood to the face and converted by reading all Paul's epistles; In which Paul is revealed as a "steward" of the mysteries. So Paul writes about both sides from the scriptures, but concludes one thing only: Grace with you all. Amen. So it's not Noahic grace: partial and unmerciful, but JC grace and truth: impartial and merciful to you all.

It's a "mystery", noted over 20 times in the NT; So to solve the mystery we're told "take heed", pay closer attention to the details; And don't form any judmental opinion till you've read it all, unto the end. For every good mystery has lots of twists to it. So also the NT, a "better testament" with a "better hope", has a third part hidden within it to discover, called the "more excellent way" which is neither broad minded nor narrow minded, but Christ minded. Such is brought forth by Paul: "his witness unto all men". So if you reject the Pauline epistles, you'll miss the best part of (good-->better)-->best; Also called "greatest" of (great-->greater)-->greatest.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.