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Re: Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Dear Chris,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

My concern with AC Paul (AntiChrist Paul) is his partiality and division; Due to not letting go of the law. He will not see the gospel of Paul is both "the gospel of God" (Grace) and "the gospel of Christ" (Peace), via an "apostle of JC by the will of God". He still wants law judgment and division thereof, and "depart" for some, instead of "come" for all.

A study of Romans reveals it's written unto both Jews and Gentiles, with several things mentioned twice:
- ye/we are not under the law, but under grace x2
- the grace of our Lord JC with you all. Amen. x2

A study of Peter's conversion reveals it occured later than Paul's, and from reading all Paul's epistles. So Peter, as the apostle to the Jews, was not converted in Acts, nor doing his part: converting the Jews from law to grace; But rather dissimulating, which caused Barnabas to get carried away. So Paul (being both a Jew and a Gentile himself) had to speak to both Jews and Gentiles, but to the Jew first, in accordance with scriptures. Yet Paul's own conversion was also in three statges: Terrorist Saul --> Wretched Paul --> Paul The Apostle (his witness unto all men). Pauline epistles clarify such things, and James dovetails with Pauline epistles. Both Pauline epistles and James dovetail with the four gospels and Acts. Canonization of NT books reflects all these things, instead of which book was written first; And was unanimously agreed upon by nearly fifty learned men called Translators of the Bible, who meticously reveiwed every word of it. Furthermore, their translation was subject to the scrutiny of all learned men in the kingdom comprised of Great Britain, France, and Ireland; Which was allegorically five in one house divided, since Great Britain was comprised of England, Scotland, and Wales. Hence the need to make God's holy truth the more known.

The GRACE of our Lord JC with you all. Amen.