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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD


Thanks for the scrutiny. I am always open to scrutiny, but not to mutiny. My main concerns with "Jesus" are the sin imputation (condemnation), partiality, and left/right division. I find no accusaton (John 5:45), no condemnation (John 8:3-11), no partiality, and no division "in Christ" is the end of the law. I find "Jesus" plays two parts: Son of man and Son of God "on high"; But "Christ" plays one part: Son of God in heaven: "higher than the heavens".

I also find the mediator between man and God is CJ, not JC; And JC is the only foundation laid to build on: Mt 1:1 ... Jn 1:17 ... 1Cor 3:11 ... Rev 22:21. For JC occurs from begin to end of NT; But CJ only occurs from Acts to Peter. Furthermore, when reconciled to that God through J-->C, there is no need for a mediator nor an intercessor. Once we agree with that God (of this/that Gods) there is no need for mediation. For mediation only occurs between parties that do not agree. I have no problem agreeing with a merciful God that is not partial. But I reject an awful lawful God that is partial and lies. As such, I find some agreement with atheists and non believers, who also reject an awful lawful God, and do not ignore contradictions.

My goal is simply to promote more awareness and understanding, not accusation nor condemnation; And to deal with contradictions rather than ignore such.

I also find the narrow way isn't life, but rather only "leadeth to life" by go on, unto perfection; And going on is by leaving principles(laws) in Hebrews 6.

I also find there's a third way: the "more excellent way", to consider; Especially in the prophetic "third day" is as the seventh day is as the last day, which is beyond the last days(plural) of 0-2000AD which were millennial (allegorically speaking). For the seventh day has no mention of evening and morning, and the last day is not millennial, but eternal.

God called the light Day, so we could say it's the last light: that Light of that God: the light that's void of darkness, or the understanding that's void of ignorance, or the grace that's void of law, or the mercy that's void of sacrifice, or the peace that's void of division (law vs law & law vs grace). Only that sort of peace is true rest. So Christ is our peace(rest) who abolished the law(enmity), to make of twain one new man that is neither broad minded nor nor narrow minded, but Christ minded.

I hope I explained it in a way that's understandable.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ WITH YOU ALL. AMEN.