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Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Good answer Chris,
First I will start that I agree that the books are not scripture and never were. You make good points and lots more could be made why they are not. Now to were I disagree. The books were canonized in the council of Hippo in 393. That is a fact. They were upheld again in the council of Carthage in 397. It was not until 419 that books such as 2 Peter, 2, 3 John, Jude, and Revelation were canonized. In the first few centuries there was no accepted canon of scripture. There was hundreds of writings people used. That is just a fact of history. So, the "hidden" books were canonized in the late 3rd century despite what you wrote. In 397 it was declaired that only canonized books were to be read in church. The "hidden" books were part of the listed canon and that is a fact. Do your research. So to say that there was some miricle from God on how we finally arrived at our current bible and it contains only inspired scripture and no other real scripture was left out and destroyed is pretty lame at best. So who were these so called inspired men of God under the devine leadership of the Holy Spirit which decided on which was which? Its a good story and sounds wonderfully great, but is really just non-sense and leaves out the truth that just plain old arguing men decided on what went in and what stayed out. Now having said that, I will say God did decide which books went in and they were not all His words. It is done as a test if we will follow Him or follow the evil one. Jesus preached Fathers gospel and Paul preached the gospel of the evil one. We have a choice just as Adam and Eve had a choice. Do we believe Father and Jesus, or do we believe Paul and the evil one. That is our choice to make. Jesus and Paul do not and never did preach the same gospel. That is just a simple fact my friend which if debated, Paul will be ground to dust. It has already been debated on here and I will not do it again. Paul is the antichrist Jesus warned would SOON come and deceive even the apostles if possible. Paul can not be an apostle of the Lamb which he claims. It is totally impossible. The facts and words of Jesus say so. But people are to comfy with the gospel of Paul to listen to what Jesus really had to say. Mr. Miles had to admit that he did not believe in a literal Jesus because if he said Jesus was literal, Jesus blew Paul out of the water and exposed him for the liar he was. Ask Mr. Miles if he could answer any of the problems with Paul based on the words and teachings of Jesus. He could not so he can't believe in a literal Jesus. You cannot put your faith in Jesus and Paul. Jesus is the life, way and truth. Paul is a deciever taught by the best liar ever created dressed up in the light of Jesus. Go ahead and say I am stupid, decieved, a worker of the devil, a non-believer. I do not care. I know who Paul was and do not listen to anything he says. I will not go along with the world just because they say so. That will not be a good enough answer to Father and Jesus on judgement day. He would say to me "depart"! Those are words I really do not want to hear. I know who Paul is, so if I followed Paul I would lose my life.
Thank you for your time and answers.