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Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

NO it does not "clear" it up Chris. The books were accepted as inspired for nearly 1200 years just like any of the other books. The men who put the bible together in the 300's said they were inspired and canonized. So answer the simple question. Do you believe in them or do you admit the bible was fallible as put together at the start and remained for 12 centuries. The question is simple and you can not ecsape it as much as you try. You DID NOT answer the question. Please answer the simple question. The question has nothing to do with the 1611 KJV printed 1200 years later. Answer the question Chris! Do you believe in the books or do you accept the bible was put together in the third century by fallible people. I await your answer to the simple question.
Goodevening Sir.