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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Mr. Miles

I just want you to answer as plainly as possible,

Do you think that when in the Bible, the call God
I Am, Shepherd, Redeemer, Rock, Judge, Light, Creator, Lord, God, First and last, Alpha and Omega, Word, that these are all different gods or do you think that it is the One True God.

And when you hear Jesus referred to as Son of God, Lord, Messiah, Lamb of God, Ruler of Creation, Mediator, Bread of Life, OR CHRIST WHICH IS NOT HIS LAST NAME IT IS WHAT THEY CALLED THE MESSIAH (THE CHRIST)...Why do you not say that the Lamb of God, was the one sacrifice...not Jesus...because it’s the same person...not different. So when Paul says Christ sits…it’s the same as saying Jesus sits.

Please answer these to questions...Clearly if possible