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Re: Re: Two Miss Quotes, and two liars, WILL YOU BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD

Dear AC Paul (AntiChrist Paul),

Grace(not law) unto you, and peace(not division),
from God "our Father" and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed Paul, as a faithful "steward" of the mysteries of God, proves both sides using plural and contrary scriptures; But always concludes only one thing: the GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ WITH YOU ALL. AMEN. His pauline epistle format opens and closes with grace, and with JC (not CJ); And in between is sandwiched an allegoric discussion of law vs grace, and from the (plural and contrary) scriptures. But as Paul notes, it is not plural and contrary scriptures that are inpsired of God, but the "script-u-are" of such plural and contrary scriptures written aforetime for our learning.

The conversion of Paul is notably in three stages:
Terrorist Saul-->Wretched Paul-->Paul The Apostle.
In Acts 11 they are called "Christians" at Antioch;
But Saul notably doesn't become Paul until Acts 13.
So to get the whole picture pay attention to details.
Acts 22 prophesies Paul as "his witness to all men".
Peter gets converted by reading all Paul's epistles.

So, to remove Paul would require removing Acts (written by Luke), all of Paul's epistles (Romans ... Hebrews), and also Peter's second epistle; Which would tend to miss the gospel of Paul is notably the gospel of God (Grace unto you) and the gospel of Christ (Peace unto you): the gospel of Grace & Peace. Not to mention removal of Paul's epistles would negate the conversion of Peter, the apsotle to the Jews, who was told when (not if) he got converted, to strengthen (grace & truth) his brethren: Luke 22:32. So you would also have to delete Luke to delete Paul and also Peter's conversion thereby reading Paul's epistles. Such is absurd, and the cannonization matter was long ago settled by learned men.

It is only by abolition of law that the conscience is purged of sin, which is brought forth in the Pauline epistles. For law, being imperfect, cannot make the comers to it perfect. And "be ye perfect" is a constant theme in both the OT and NT: Genesis 17:1 and Matthew 5:48. Such is further clarified in Luke 6:36 as be ye also merciful, as God in heaven is. The law is not merciful, as told us in Hebrews 10:28. So be perfect, also merciful, is be grace us, not awful lawful.

The reason Paul is all things to all men, is so he can get beneath them and edify them up, from below, to where they can be further exhorted up higher; Rather than have them only puffed up with law to on high, where it's still division, and not peace, still law vs law or law vs grace, and not grace only.

Jesus: division, not peace: Mt 10:34; Lk 12:51
Christ: peace, not division: Jn 14:27; Eph 2:14
Peace with God is notably "through Jesus-->Christ".
God is not the author of confusion, but of "peace".
Grace is not the author of unrest, but of "rest".
Division: unrest(law vs grace). Peace: rest(grace).
Christ is our peace(rest) who abolished the law.
That is what Paul teaches: Grace and Peace(rest).

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.