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Re: Law: Mend it or End it?


I feel compelled to respond because I do not want to appear as a false witness to others who may read your statement:
“Not to mention you've Legalized it by wording it as a law: Grace BE with you. Amen. That's not biblical, but your perversion of grace you'd have me swallow.”

The Grace I desire to BE with you is the same Grace that I spoke of earlier in the thread. The only Grace which brings us to perfection. The un-lawed Grace. The Grace from above. Grace --> Mercy --> Faith --> Hope.

There is only one Grace, whether it BE with you, or with you, or not with you at all.

Grace with you. Amen.

Re: Law: Mend it or End it? - by Daniel Miles - Oct 22, 2007 6:52pm