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Re: Law: Mend it or End it?


I feel compelled to respond because I do not want to appear as a false witness to others who may read your statement:
“Not to mention you've Legalized it by wording it as a law: Grace BE with you. Amen. That's not biblical, but your perversion of grace you'd have me swallow.”

The Grace I desire to BE with you is the same Grace that I spoke of earlier in the thread. The only Grace which brings us to perfection. The un-lawed Grace. The Grace from above. Grace --> Mercy --> Faith --> Hope.

There is only one Grace, whether it BE with you, or with you, or not with you at all.

Grace with you. Amen.

Re: Law: Mend it or End it?

Johnny K,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please don't be 'compelled', for it's a law word.

My statement was for awareness, not condemnation.

Thank you for clarifying your sort of grace.
I'll stick with the grace that is sufficient.
That reminds me, to distinguish the two grace(s).
Note to myself: write two sorts of grace on TwainShew.

I notice you've taken up using my fwd indicator: -->.
But I would that you included charity, the greatest:
Faith --> Hope --> Charity: greatest of three things.
For without the charity faith and hope are incomplete.

Thanks for the offer of 'grace with you';
But again I would have it "with you all",
with "all" the KofG located within "you";
you being "the end of the commandment":
Love one another, as I have loved YOU,
which is three things in 1Timothy 1:5
- charity out of a pure heart, AND
- [of] a good conscience (purged), AND
- [of] faith unfeigned (no partialty nor hypocrisy)

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.