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Re: Law: Mend it or End it?

Dear John,
(lol at pun)

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all John, thank you for signing off with grace; Albeit uncertain grace, like the grace Noah found in the (plural) eyes of the LORD who commanded him different than God in the flood story. Not to mention you've Legalized it by wording it as a law: Grace BE with you. Amen. That's not biblical, but your perversion of grace you'd have me swallow. Not gonna happen, not then, not now, not ever. So I'll just end it properly, when I'm done speaking.

Yes, I agree to getting beyond divisional twain, to what's unifying; And I also do that in the God Shew portion of God Shew Org, "comparing" three things rather than twain. For charity never faileth is notably the greatest of three things; And what's greatest is neither greater nor great, but above both.

3. Greatest ... Grace (never fails)
2. Greater ... NT Law (oft fails)
1. Great... OT Law (always fails)

For example, let's look at 'above a servant': 'no more servant but a Son', which is neither of the two servants compared in Romans 6:

3. No more a servant, but a Son ... Grace (Unity)
2. Servants of righteousness ... NT Law (Division)
1. Servants of sin ... OT Law (Division)
Explained: http://www.godshew.org/AboveAServant.htm

So johnny, you obviously didn't review my web site, no, neither the home page nor the site map, for 'BEST of three things' is on the home page, and 'Above a Servant' is the first thing noted on the site map.

So then, let's end it properly, as it is written:

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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