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Re: Law: Full-Fill it!


Throughout this thread I have clearly addressed and put into perspective your list of justifications, but you continue to repeat over and over the same verses, which are used wrongfully in defense of your allegorical "This vs. That" pattern. I understand the place where you are at, and placing "This vs. That" is only the first step. I’ve been there and have come to it’s limits and boundaries. It is not the end and it will not bring you to the solution.

Throughout this thread I have been speaking from a perspective that eliminates the contradiction that you refuse to resolve. We both know God is not the author of confusion; therefore, the cause of any confusion is the folly of ignorance within ourselves. Search the perspectives and adjust your pattern until you find the one that eliminates the contradiction. That will be the right one. You cannot force-fit the “This vs. That” perspective on everything without running into contradiction, which is what you have done.

The Holy Bible does not think for you, but it does make you think. It is important to realize when it is time to stop dividing The Word and start to think from a different perspective; from one that unites The Word. Maybe someday you will look back on this thread and understand what I have been trying to explain, but until then you have made a mess of The Word to the point where even God is divided against himself.

Although we butt heads in our debate, I have enjoyed speaking with you in The Word.

Grace be with you.
John W. Kelly

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