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Re: Law: Mend it or End it?

(dble minded pun)

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed, by faith; but ye do err forget these things:
- law was given by Moses, but grace came by JC: Jn 1
- it's from faith(law) to faith(grace): Romans 1
- whatever is not of faith is sin: Romans 14...Gal 3
- it's faith --> hope --> charity: 1Corinthians 13
- ye are not under law, but under grace: Rom & Gal
- THE LAW IS NOT OF FAITH: Galatians 3
- it's evident no man justified by law: Galatians 3
- if justified by law then fallen from grace: Gal 5
- if fallen from grace to law, Christ of no effect: G5
- do will of God precedes receive promise: Heb 10
- He taketh away law to establish grace: Heb 10:9
- faith not having works is dead in James 2

This with That = an oxyMORON = MIX contrary things,
when told to COMPARE spiritual things with spiritual,
and either make the tree good(grace) or corrupt(law);
Not "both good and evil", which the law is in Heb 5.

JK, Judas mixed the twain and notably "burst", so it's told us not to put new wine in old bottles lest it "burst".

JK, I see what your problem is. You are one of those CJ folk who know not JC is the only foundation laid to build on; Nor that CJ is mirrorly reverse of JC. Not to mention CJ is end focused on J: "division", and JC is end focused on C: "peace". Not to mention what you say is what they say in 1Thess 5:3, Peace and Safety in Law, which is followed by destruction.
If this is what you want, you may have it: Gal 1:8,9. If any man or angel bring another gospel, then let him be accursed by it. The curse of the law? Hell-o! Cursed every one that hangeth on a tree? Hell-o! If any try and fail to keep all the law, all the time, then they are all accursed? Hell-o! God hath not appointed us to (law worketh) wrath? Hell-o!

Contrary things cannot co-exist, not in peace.
So, of this and that compared, it's this or that.

That God: all light(grace) and no darkness(law)
That Spirit: the Lord is now that Spirit(Grace)
That Gospel: shall also be told ww, for comparison
That Jesus Christ: is come, came with grace & truth

You're looking at it through CJ, not through JC.
Eternal salvation & peace with God are "through JC".
Furthermore it's through Jesus-->Christ-->unto God.
When reconciled unto God, no need for Jesus or Christ.
Be ye reconciled unto "God", not unto Jesus or Christ.

Babe-->Child-->Man-->Perfect Man-->God is not a man.

God is not a man that he should lie(law) or die(law).

The God of ALL GRACE make you:
perfect, stablished, settled.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus-->Christ with you-->all. Amen.

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