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Re: Law: Full-Fill it!

No, I am not looking at it from below or under it. And No, Romans 9:31 does NOT tell us there is no righteousness in law to attain. In fact, it tells us that if Israel had sought it by faith, they would have attained to the law of righteousness. It is plainly clear and clearly plain that the law is of righteousness and there is only one way to attain to it, which is by Faith and not by Works. Forcing “This vs. That” on Grace and Law causes you to not see that it is actually “This WITH That” which creates One New Man, so making peace. Do you not understand that PEACE is not War, and PEACE is not “This vs. That”? Love is not “This vs. That”, Unity is not “This vs. That”, Whole is not “This vs. That”, and One New Man is not “This vs. That”.

But hey, some people like the log in their eye. It makes it easier to skip over the verses that contradict their interpretation. After all, it is easier for Jesus to take away The Law than our sins, right?
Grace is pointless because everyone is righteous without The Law, right?
All receive the reward of eternal life and enter the gates of heaven without The Law, right?
God must have made a mistake or purposely deceived us when he made The Law, right?
We can all solve the “mystery” if we just flush The Law, right?

Makes perfect non-sense to me!

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