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Re: And I make stuff up?


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tim, you're doing the two dimensional flat earth, "earthy" wisdom thing again; Not knowing the world is round: globe-all, and that firstly pure wisdom from above (Grace unto you from God our Father) is also firstly peace-able of seven things grace is in James 3.

Sin is only plausible by being law imputed, which also imputes unforgiveness and death to all who go there, to lying law, to the surely die lie; Which speaks of being both this world and the to come. Not! Not unless you want ghostly destruction and extinction to come; Not unless you want Noahic and Sodomic sort of destruction from Son of man: Luke 17.

Tim, in each reply I provide the url having the explanation; But ye always ignore it, thereby err greatly and alway, because your ignorance is not normal ignorance rectified by learning, but willing ignorance which caused the first world of two compared by 2Peter3 to perish. Hell-o!

Tim, what you want is endless err and endless forgiveness; Which you won't get from Jesus. For before the cross it's forgive them seventy times seven, and at the cross it's forgive them because they are know nots; But after the cross it's kill them all, destroy them all, by law, the ministration of condemantion and the ministration of death.

Tim, ye might wanna check out forgiveness in a little more detail, especially in the leavened Lord's Prayer, which says: forgive us as we forgive; And you're not being forgiving, but vengeful; So then Tim, what you'll get is vengeance of law, which can be awful lawful. Not to mention the PS to the Lord's Prayer, which flat out states if you don't forgive all men all sins all the time, then you don't get it.

As for the blasphemy thing, I've provided the url:

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

Your Quote:
"Albeit there is only one blasphemy (which simply means speaking against) in the Bible; Yet in the fashion of an allegorical shew there are twain: one unforgivable and one forgiven. Blasphemy the Ghost is commonly called the unpardonable sin, and is unforgivable both in this world and the to come. On the contrary all blasphemy is forgiven you by God, and such is as a mystery made known unto us... that God is not grace + law, but the God of all grace."

Jesus said plainly it is not forgiven. You say all is forgiven. Geez, wonder who we should believe? You even contridict yourself. Sounds like someone else we all know. Like teacher, like student.

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