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Re: Re: Re: Re: Tell me about the rabbits George!

Mr. Miles,
I was wrong. That's more mindless than the "Ye". You are really disappointing. Notice I did not call you mindless, because you are not. The statement is. At least that's how idiots like me see it. You are just disappointing.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tell me about the rabbits George!


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tim, it's the age of grace, of man, of child/man.
You're stuck in the child phase of law, childish.
God said, let us make man(not child, nor children).

Tim, law had an expiry date, expired l-o-n-g ago;
and God did not send his Son till law had expired.
You can read about it in John 3:17 & Galatians 4.
But how sad, you won't believe it,
Cause johnny law law said it,
Or cause you call Paul a liar,
even when he agrees with John,
about the grace part of law/grace,
the perfect part of imperfect/perfect.

Tim, why don't you get a red 'letter' version,
and cut out all the red letter sayings of Jesus,
and have a look at them all, see if they agree.
Then come and let us reason together.
For you speak of unreason, not reason.
You don't seem to be reason-able.

Tim, it's been AD now for a l-o-n-g time,
And AD--> only goes one way, unto the end:

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tell me about the rabbits George!

This is awesome!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tell me about the rabbits George!

New-her Greet: Grace, Mercy, and Peace unto you,
from God, our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed, let's allegory compare 2D (twain) & 3D:
- 3D: greatest mode of three (above) never fails.
- 2D: greater mode can also be greater damnation.
- 2D: great mode can also be great tribulation.

So go on unto greatest of 3: faith hope charity,
by leaving both great/greater of plural 2D God1.

As if allegory say go on unto what's best: true rest,
by leave good/better of 2D to have rest of the story.

As to allegory say go on unto perfection of "last day"
by leave both "time past/last days" of plural 2D God1.
For even "last days" of God1 = peril-us: 2Timothy 3:1.

Point: no even-ing and mourn-ing on the seventh day,
but both "evening and morning" for six days in Gen 1;
So go on unto 7th day is by leaving 6 things in Heb 6.

Lots of rabbit holes to go down if still in 2D mode;
but neither rabbit holes, nor down, if go on unto 3D.
We only faith + hope in 2D for what we don't have: 3D.
But if we have charity, no longer need to faith + hope;
especially when charity put on "above" forgiving: Col 3.
It's kinda like no more need of shame in 2Timothy 2:15,
iff rightly divide word of truth "above" of under/above,
instead of wrongly divide law/grace right of left/right.
For even right of left/right still division, not peace.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [is] with you all.
(b/c it is kNOW from above, not over 'against' anyone)