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Re: If it smells stanky...............


Ye wanna argue for the sake of division,
which is what law vs law is always about: divisions.
On the contrary grace is about unity of Spirit(God).

But Tim, ye have no viable argument to offer;
nor will ye ever convince me to fall for yer law.
Defense is only req'd when offensive law given place;
And I have learned to give law no place whatsoever.
I've also put such to the test, and it does work.
For 1John4:1 doesn't say therorize, but try spirits.
Been there, did that, and found law can't be trusted.

But I'm glad ye came by to show how faulty law is.

I can only guess that ye suppose law is grace,
which is as to suppose extinction is salvation.

Have a happy extinction. I'll stick with salvation.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.