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Re: Re: If it smells stanky...............

Dear, Dear Mr. Miles,
You are right. It is not Law vs. Grace. Law is grace, and grace is law. You keeping hanging on to what you think law is. The priests have won. I do not speak of the made up law from priests. I speak of God's true law. Again please reply to this question I ask so plainly. Jesus said "If you love me, keep my commandments". Jesus commandments is the law. If you can't anwser this question clearly and be plain and to the point, then you should say nothing. It's just that simple. It may make you mad, but it is that simple. You either believe Jesus or you believe another gospel. Jesus said to keep His commandments and His commandments are the law. You may say what you like, but it's just ignoring what Jesus so plainly said. Again, "If you love me, keep my commandments. See, there again plain and simple. No mystery, no misunderstanding it. You either do what He says or you don't. So again, I ask you plainly. Tell me how He does not say to keep His law, which is His commandments. SEE, NOT MURDERING OR STEALING FROM SOMEONE IS SHOWING THEM GRACE. NOT SLEEPING WITH THEIR WIFE AND NOT COMPLAINING YOU WANT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IS SHOWING THEM GRACE. NOT LYING ABOUT THEM IS SHOWING THEM GRACE. TO IGNORE THESE THINGS IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT SHOWING THEM GRACE. Not that I think you do these things, but I know people who have done some of them and they just say "the law was nailed to the cross. I'm under grace" Again, bring me the barf bag!!!!!!!!!!!