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Re: Law: Full-Fill it!

Dear JK,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus-->Christ.

You seem to be hung up on the cross, and sacrifice of the law. Galatians 3: 10-13 notes it cursed EVERY ONE.

Perhaps you didn't notice yet it's "allegory"(Gal 4) and "mystery"(noted over 20 times) to solve in time; Lest all (the KofG within you) perish by law instead of none perish by grace. There are only two options: extinction("all perish": Col 2; "all die": 1Cor 15) or salvation(of all: "the world"). All perish is by law: Col 2: 20-22. Saved(Only) is by Grace(Only).

So then it's a globe-all matter, not some only. For "there is NO respect of persons with God". None! Whatever applies to any applies to all. Such is the reason we're all still grounded, because ppl like you still give place to groundead.

You can't law impute sin and death to others without law imputing condemnation and death to yourself also: By THY words THOU art justified or condemned: Mt 12. No man is justified by law: Gal 3. For by the curse of the law if any try and fail to keep all the law all the time, for a 1000 generations, then "all" are accursed: Deut. All who tried to failed: Rom 9:31. So then the only way for any and all to have eternal salvation is by the abolition of law: all law written in stone and ink: 2Cor 3. For a little leaven(law) leaveneth(killeth) the whole lump, kinda like a little cancer can and will kill the whole body, including the head of the body, if it's not all removed in time. Any doctor will tell you that.

The objective isn't to get hung up on the cross and curse EVERY ONE thereby; But rather to go "through" it, as if "through the valley of the shadow(law) of death", allegorically "through Jesus-->Christ", to risen with "Christ" (not Jesus), as noted in Col 3. For Christ is not standing right on high in plural divided (left/right) heavens awaiting judgment as Jesus is, but "seated" in "heaven": "higher than the heavens". Seated denotes the law vs grace matter is settled in "Christ: is the end of the law". Period.

You may want to look into the will of God concerning "sacrifice"; For it is notably the same in both OT and NT: "I will have mercy, and NOT sacrifice": Psalms 40:6; Psalms 51:16; Hosea 6:6; Matthew 9:13; Matthew 12:7; Hebrews 10:all... the "not" part being not then, not now, not ever.

In Mt 9:13 we find Hos 6:6 repeated as a go figure what such (allegory) meaneth. When going to Hebrews 10 we find it meaneth I will have grace, and not law. We also find do the will of God precedes receive the promise (eternal life).

So then yes, the sacrifice of Jesus was a useless sacrifice; For as James 1:15 notes: law imputed sin, when "it is finished", brings forth death (not life). For as 1Cor 15:56 points out, law is not only the source of sin (Rom 4:15; 5:13), but also the "strength"("strong man": Mt) of sin's death sting. Thereby law is the ministration of death: 2Cor 3:7; which has to be "done away" for anyone to have eternal life, since grace + law is as life + death = a dead end.

Perhaps you should look closer at Ephesians 2 and note the wording: "the law of commandments". The verse which this applies to is Gen 2:17 of 16 vs 17, which is grace vs law: every tree vs not every tree.

All other law (10 commandments, 613 torah laws) were notably "added", and "BECAUSE of the transgression". Where no law, there no transgression: Rom 4:15. The woman, being decieved, was in the transgression. So then the woman, being deceived, was in the law.

It's "allegory" and "mystery", requiring seek and "find grace", "in time", to "help" connect the biblical dots to solve the mystery, lest all perish by law instead of none perish by grace. For as Jude 5 notes, prior to Revelation's worse case scenario, saved + destroyed after is a dead end which all who followed Moses(law) had. So the higher exhortation is to endure to the end to be saved(only) by grace(only); And the "you all" in the end already written notably begins with "you". Selah.

The grace(only) of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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