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Karma Farms Cutback

Guys, I will be 65 in March and can perhaps afford to look at getting my needed hip surgery. But that means cutting back--especially on our "house horses"--the ones that I feed every day. Right now I am feeding 26 horses, a buffalo and 3 Spanish goats every morning. My Tracks tells me I walk on an average of 3.2 miles every weekday morning either carrying buckets or pushing a wheelbarrow load of them. On weekends and in the evening I have Tommi but morning are becoming too hard. They will be impossible for a few months after surgery.

These horses include most of our stallions. We need to get down to about three, not counting my boy Rowdy Yates (coming 27 years old) who is on the Great Spirit's time. We will obviously also be making cutbacks in the broodmare herd and young stock. No plans to cut back on our super dude string.

Anyway, times are hard for horse placement but no one can doubt the pedigrees and proven abilities of Karma Farms horses. Wish we could wait until the economy smooths out but don't think I can put this off much longer and still walk or ride. I have books I need to finish and horses I still want to ride. Email for info but please don't just say "What are you selling?". Let us know what you really NEED. We will sell or lease some we never considered parting wit,h but we want to know how it will be kept and what you want to do with it. Thanks, CS Horse folks. Please pass it on?