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human breeding practices

Naturally I like the new SMR board, some real quality work there, and I admired all the old photos, and with the recent work in genetics and in particular the large heart gene, I naturally wondered if selective breeding may have altered the Indian pony. I say Indian pony because those were the legendary horses that put the US cavalry with their TBs and Morgans to shame. I know the greatest horses were Comanche and that most of them just flat out disappeared either being killed or sold. Some Comanche blood went into the creation of the Choctaw and Cherokee horses.

The early horses in the SMR were brought in out of the wild. And I noticed that many were solids, duns, and some Lps with Chief Pushmataha being on the principle Lp providers, and he of course was a Choctaw horse.

Once upon a time the Colonial Spanish horse could not be beaten with a good rider on his in point Frank Hopkins. The photo of him on that sabino horse reminds me of the photos from that Edwards took. There is a Dakota group photo and I swear all the horses in that group look so identifical that there must be a connection through the sire...most likely or dam.

Understanding a little of Spanish history and following the research...yes...I am an insane Celtophile and grieve over the loss of the Northern Celtic pony of Spain. I am still toying with an idea on writing about the famous Spanish racehorse of Roman era. Chariot horses crossed with large heart Celtic ponies. I believe the Indian ponies of the Comanches and Dakotas and other famous horse tribes were the exact same type. The large heart gene made the Indian ponies unbeatable. When the US went after Pancho Villa, the general said the TBs could not catch or match the Mexican ponies.

The Indians selectively bred for quality. And while the Edwards photos do show tobianos in the herds and we know medicine hats come about by crossing tobianos with sb1 sabinos, the SMR chose to eradicate...well not really they kept the medicine hats (tabinos now) and did not remove the inferior Choctaw line from their breed (and here I am quoting modern SMR members who say tobianos are inferior ergo because Choctaw horses have tobianos they must also be inferior)

Was the large heart gene attached to the color the same way leathal white is attached to the frame overo gene? More Shetlands carry the large heart gene than Thoroughbreds, and among horsemen this is highly coveted. When the SMR chose to ban the tobiano did they unintentionally ban the gene that made the Indian pony the bane of the US cavalry? Tobiano attaches itself to the SB1 gene and lingers there...why an SB1 stallion can have medicine hat and pure white offspring.

I am just talking and those who know me know my love of the tobiano. If I could find a max. tobiano...Buddha's horse....and I had the money...which I am working on.....I will buy it. And yes I will be buying another horse soon. I have cancelled so many things I don't need to free up some cash. I want to find the large heart gene in the Colonial Spanish. Our horses are great but I want them to once more put Arabs, TBs and Morgans to shame. Everyone needs a hobby and I think I found mine...just need the money to pursue it.

and if you don't follow HOA on facebook....there is a young black Marwari stallion in Indian named Hidalgo...after Hopkins' horse. The folks in India are becoming more and more interested in endurance riding...not to mention tent pegging....not sure on that one. A team of women riders in England did very well against the mostly Arabian competition and I believe they came in third. It was their first year. So here's hoping......

Have a lovely day...

Re: human breeding practices

how do you tell if a horse has the large heart gene