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BLM & The Red River Corridor - OK TX KS

Good evening folks!
It's been many years since my last visit here, but I came across a post
on my facebook page that I shared. Polly Aulton asked me if any of y'all
knew about it. Ha ha, so needless to say, I trotted right over here. After
going over the subjects, it didn't look like it had been brought up, so...
It stated...
"BLM is looking at a project that might become 116 miles of equestrian trails along side the Red River. They are reaching out to their Mustang adopters & other horse owners to see if there is enough interest in developing these trails. If you know others, who would enjoy these trails, please click on a pic & share. More info at for meeting times & locations. Or how to send comments by email."
For those of you on facebook they have a page set up..

I apologize, if this is old news.. I'll be attending the meeting in
Tulsa, OK.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays
~Kimberly Garrett