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Roman era Spaniards and horses

gaius appuleius diocles was an illiterate Lusitan Celt who was sent to Rome with a team of racehorses. He became the greatest driver of all time winning almost two thousand races in his life time. He also owned a racehorse with 200 wins.

He was smooth and quite the lady's man. There are many mosaics from villas in North Africa and around the empire that shows him victorious. He also switched teams like any good athlete, and someone figured out that if compared to todays atheletes salarywise...he would be the highers paid athlete of all time.

Spanish racehorses were the most famous of all time....but when Elizabeth I became queen....they all just disappeared. Or did they? Were all those French purchased Barbs and Arabs(which actually did not exist) really Spanish racehorses? I often look at that Hopkins photo and ponder his horse. The breed survived at least to the late 19th cen. I am convinced