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Iberian horses today

I visited an all breeds website and discovered that the modern horses/ponies of Northen Spain look nothing like our horses. While there are photographs of small deer like Indian ponies (I have one), the smallest Spanish ponies bear a stronger resemblance to solid colored Shetlands, and I like Shetlands....on the Shetland Isles. Apparently fattening the ponies up for slaughter and the bias in the 2oth century against color....thank-you Lady Wentworth....has turned the hillsides bay, gray and chestnut, A few tobianos still among the Basques, but they too bear the effects of being bred for meat.

I did see that the Boer horse, a descendent of American Spanish horses shipped to Africa by the British during the Boer Wars, still retain their tobiano color although it is rare. As many of you know there is a breed of Boer pony that carries the Lp gene; it's greatest danger is its leopard coloring. Apparently the skins are desired...illegally.

On a whole my thoughts that maybe we could occassionally 'freshen' our horses with old Spanish blood was not a good idea. The meat market has ruined the old Celtic ponies of Spain.