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medicine hats

I am often amazed how similar in colors the Marwari and the American Indian horse are. But the Marwari as I have seen them do not come in nonSBi sabino. Of course this is only speculation.

I recently read that the APHA is listing medicine hats as toveros because to get them you need to start with a tobiano and cross with an SB1 sabino. Gypsy Vanners which are tobiano and nonSB1s do create loud pintos but no medicine hats. However India has quite a few.

I saw a photo this morning of a horse that is interesting. Clearly a tovero but its as if 1/2 of his face is tobiano and the other half SB1. He even has one white ear and one dark. But the thing that caught my eye outside of how beautiful this horse was, was the black patch on his back.

I know that means something to Spanish horses. I've seen descendents of Black Knight Warrior, medicine hats, some with all white backs, some with patches on their back. What does this mean, or does it mean anything at all?