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splash whites Kathiawars

I sure hope those links come up for you. I posted these pics because these are splash white Kathiawaris, believed by at least reputable Marwari breeder and photographer to be the ancestor of the Marwari or at least the older breed.
What struck me about these photos is how much the horses resembled the Abaco horse, mminus the unique ears. The Kathiawari like the Marwari comes in tobiano and sb1 sabino but to date I have seen no evidence of nonSb1 or the pinto coloring of the tabino. Medicine Hats are found in both breeds and there are even legends about medicine hats being sacred to certain gods. This horse could easily pass for a wellbred Colonial Spanish but for the ears.

It's the absence of the nonSb1 that convinces me that this breed like the Icelandic pony which has no sabino present that it is a very old breed. Tobiano came first followed by SB1 after the centum septem split. The nonsb1 came along after the Indian persian split. Lp was added by the Medes from Scythian horses. solid colored breeds are huuman influenced and of recent origins.

And someone with a colonial spanish horse contacted me about her horse being related to the Welsh pony. work is being done in spain on Brythonic Celts. But I looked at the mtDNA line which is C1...
C1 family 45, 46, 2,000 2,000, 8,000 8,000 (younger than 8,000 but older than 1,500)
14 of 27 undocumented are ponies
1. 09 Exmoors – 64%
2. 03 Fjords – 27%
3. 03 Icelandics – 38%
4. 02 Scottish Highland – 40%
5. Connemara – in an EC sample with no further breed information.
6. 02 ancient Viking horses

7. 03 Mustangs – 04%
8. 03 Arabs – 03%
9. 01 Lipizzan – 08%
10. 01 Rottaler – 11%
11. 02 historical samples – 25%
13. 06% of TBs tested (296) descend from Celtic pony stock
14. Trakehner
15. Holsteiner
16. Lithuanian Heavy Draft
17. Sorraia (has something to do with a Lusitano material line)
18. Hannovarian

I am pretty sure this is the line the lady has. All breeds below mustangs are of modern origin. the Arab was created at Crabbet stud from horses that looked a way they wanted them to look. If there really was an ancient Arab breed then all Arab owned horses should have been accepted. The Sorraia is exempt because it is ancient.

So this lady's horse could be a lost Sorraia line, a Brythonic horse of very ancient breeding. Or it could be a survivor of Viking visitors to America with Sinclair. Just saying......