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Is it a Mustang??

Does this look like a Mustnag to anyone?
He's been in rescue for two years in the UK apparently... I have emailed and asked what proof they have that he is a mustang... It is incredibly difficult to bring over a BLM mustang and he should have a brand on his neck if he is...

Re: Is it a Mustang??

May have been born in the states after his BLM marked mother was adopted...I understand this has happened on occasion and he would then not be neck marked, but still be from the BLM. Not all BLM adopted horses are under a year "contract" as they may have been purchased as 3 strikers with no contract...happens a lot.

Also, years ago, researched that a few unethical BLM employees allegedly "fudged" a lot of papers, etc. for extra money and "moved" small amounts of horses here and there...allegedly some to slaughter...maybe a few to Europe if someone had enough money to bring them in? Man in charge of BLM at that time (sorry name slips me) was going to blow the whistle in court and someone got to him and he retracted...hmmm? BLM, government...nothing surprising here!

Either way, if their statements regarding the horse are true or not, horse is nice...hope he finds a good home.

Re: Is it a Mustang??

Well this is the reply I got:
hi thank you for your inquiry, it was just what we thought he looked like, but no evidence of that. sorry. Sylvia

I've asked them to rename his breed on their website to avoid confusion

Re: Is it a Mustang??

Good for you. We don't need the habit of calling any horse of unknown origin a mustang to become as entrenched over there as it is over here.