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the horses have said this all along

OK I got an exciting surprise today. For ages I've pondered why some Celtic horses in Northern Spain and Portugal had more in common with the ancient British ponies than Irish. The Irish connection is well know. So well known we know that we know the Icelandic has Spanish roots, but now we have a Welsh connection.

I'm not going to get into the argument on where the Celts originated. I have no doubt they rode out of Central Asia into Europe. They were a part of the IndoEuropean family that domesticated the horse.

The part I'm interested in is the evidence that Brythonic Celts went to Spain.
I know these men looking into this are not looking at the horse aspect of this, if they did they would know their written sample happened after the horse arrived in England with the Brythonic Celts. It's my belief the Brythonic Celts were the first horsemen in Europe driven steadily westward by their more vigorous Goidelic cousins. If there is evidence that Brythonic Celts did live in Spain, then we have a connection.

I learned recently that once upon a time tobianos did exist in the Welsh breeds but that they were deemed inferior and bred out. As anyone who knows me knows, I think the absence of the tobiano in any breed or registry denotes a man made breed of recent origins. The tobiano was the color of the domestication event. All others came AFTER it.