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Cerbat Horses

Hello from Chloride AZ, my new home. Have been away but the horses have been in my heart.
I have been Horseless for almost 2 1/2 months now, and my move completed.

So happens I moved to a town that has 4 or 5 Cerbats living high abvoe the town near the Muralls, I have not been up there yet, But I talked with the WHS at the Kingman Field office this afternoon to find out all I could about the Cerbats,
The bigger herd is across the Mtn. from Chloride in Faulk(?)Canyon. I was told that the Cerbats have been a self maintaining herd, (I.E. numbers) for about 10 years. They are healthy and there were 4 new foals 3-4 mo. old as reported by the WHS. He was up there last week to check on them. I will try to get up there this week to see I can see any. WHS says it is quite accessible and told me where and how to get there. Man and a mountain lion or two are the only predators there.

Tom asked me to check when he found I was close to the Cerbat Mtn.s,

Good to be back. I really miss having horses.

Re: Cerbat Horses

It is good to hear from you, Charlie. I am looking forward to hearing what you learn about the Cerbats. Seeing would be even better (hint, hint).

Chloride - are there salt flats there?

I really miss having horses, too. But then, there are people who spend their whole life that way.

Re: Cerbat Horses

Chloride is an old mining town . Est. 1860 They named it Chloride after the Silver Chloride that was mined there, along with Copper , Gold, etc.

I intend to get pictures if I can. I need a better camera then my Phone, but I think I'll try to view the Falk Canyon Band today, before I go back to Chloride, been baby sitting Tortoises for my friend here in Kingman this week. May take the back way home, which will take me right through that Canyon. I need to get a map!

"Wild Horses keep dragging me away" Life couldn't be better.