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The Ghost Horse and art museums.

Gretchen has placed the story of the Ghost Horse by C. Russell in the Archives: On line museum. I was in Ft. Worth this weekend and went to the Amon Carter and Kimbell Art Museums. It was wonderful looking at all the C. Russell and Remington Paintings. My best friend liked Remington more, but I preferred Russell. It's like that sometimes.

In the Kimbell was also a painting by my favorite neoClassical artist David. It is the painting that tells the story of Agememnon sacrificing his daughter to Artemis. Plus there were some paintings by George Caitlin. Love this man's work on the trail.

And just if you are curious there is an Appaloosa Horse show, their Nationals going on this week and next at the Will Rogers across the street from the National History museum. which we also stopped by. Three museums in one day. Now that was some hoofing.

Re: The Ghost Horse and art museums.

The Online Museum is now open! I have organized the pages into three main categories: Ancient History, Frontier Period, and Modern Adventures. Just click on the page link that says: Online Museum Pages and go from there.

If you have photographs, articles or stories for any of these pages, please send to my email.

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